Can a business card bring any change to your networks or business expansion?

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What is a premium business card?

It is an identity that an individual or a business wants to put forward to build a formal relationship for professional purpose. It typically includes your name, address, business affiliations and many other things in a small card for the purpose of future contact to build professional relations.

Let’s understand why do you need a premium business card

When you are business or a working professional there are many people you meet in your working and non-working days. It is important to have networks and contacts for your business and professional growth. Then how does a person remember you whether you have met or no? Is there any need of your existence in their business or will you add any value to their business or any need that you or your business can offer? To at least think that you can add some value you need to share your contact detail.

Is it that convenient to share your contact detail while speaking to each other or does it look professional? I doubt!

But even if you share your contact details what is the guarantee that the person remembers you for what you do because you meet so many people in a day that you tend to forget whom you met the last time. And if you met them on drinks that you can obviously think that may for sure forget the person. So the best thing you can do is to share your professional card that is your premium business card.

Why is it a premium business card?

Off course it’s different from a normal business card as it would be specially customized for you according to needs and requirement to represent the best of you before the other person. The eye catchy card will help you to make an impression before the other person so that he doesn’t forget you and that turn to a business relationship which will develop your professional network as well as prosper your business.

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Choosing your right card as there is a lot of varieties available in the market

For spreading words about your business the eye catchy card and a brilliant content defining you and your business will act as a promotional tool.

Folded card:

It is a full color printed card inside as well as outside that will content placed according to your choice.

Flat card:

It is a plan card with no folds and a standard measurement designed properly to put your message across.

Two Sided Card:

In that small card, we tend to put the complete message you want to convey or to share with other person or business the other side can help you in adding your logo, timing or another thing according to your preference.

One-Sided Card:

A card with the other side blank also known as the standard business card. That blank side helps you to write something that is relevant to the other person about you based on the conversation you had with that person.

Vertical Card:

It’s a very unique and different way to make your card. For the people who create and think to put forward something different. It’s usually used by artist, writers, and musicians. The difficult part of this card is to fill in the total contact details in the card.

Standard Business Card:

The card is usually for traditional businesses.

Die-Cut or custom made cards:

These cards can be made in different shapes according to your preference, sometimes in your logo for format if it is standardized shapes.

The material for the cards can be chosen according to your choice and budget

Regular card stock:

The most standardized option usually used for bulk orders as they are cost effective.

Premium card stock:

A bit thicker than the regular once coated or uncoated gives you a more substantial feel.


These are not very common but are customized and made according to the requirement on order.

The cards are available in various textures according to the need of the customer.

The textured card offers a tactile feel and may feature cross-hatching in the weave of the paper, also the prints can be raised.

Lenin cards are with an elegant special finish gives you a feel of Lenin fabric.

UV Coating is special effect cards which are made from a compound dried under UV light this prevents from fading.

Painted Edge gives a special touch as it has a colored or a foiled edge.

By all the abundant amount of choices you have in choosing your premium business card, it leaves an opportunity to use your thought process to create your unique identity to feature yourself the way you want and get good networks and business for yourself.

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