Business Intercom

If there’s one tool we use at Baremetrics as often as Baremetrics, it’s Business Intercom.

We use Intercom so extensively that sometimes it feels like I’m an unpaid salesperson.

“One more question. What kind of chat are you using?”

“What plugin is this live chat? It’s brilliant!”

“What do you use for your chat? Looks nice. :)”

So why then am I writing a many-thousand word how to run your entire business on Intercom article? Intercom’s not paying me (though I will take another t-shirt folks, mine is getting a bit worn out!).

Because it’s not just about Intercom. It’s about engaging, educating, and retaining your customers. Intercom just happens to be our tool of choice for doing that.

So without further ado, here are a whole bunch of ways we use Intercom at Baremetrics.

Support and Sales Customer support is the thing we actively use Intercom for the most. It’s also what the customers themselves notice most (see the numerous examples above of people asking us about our super cool chat software).

Inbound Sales Intercom’s Acquire package allows you to interact with users that visit your marketing page.

You can heavily customize when and where a message is sent, and the content of those messages. We have messages set up for first time visitors, repeat visitors, and people looking at the pricing page.

Let’s take a look at how we setup the pricing auto-message.


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