Burning of the eyes: Causes & preventive measures

There’re many possibilities leading to burning of the eyes ranging between minor to major in terms of risk. This burning sensation may occur with or without any other associated symptoms for instance mucus-type discharge, stinging pain, watery eyes and itching.

Most common cases reported for burning of the eyes were due to unavoidable environmental phenomenon like strong and dusty winds, high pollen count and likewise factors. However, similar sensation can be indicating to more serious eye problems which require immediate consultation.

For appropriate diagnosis and treatment, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a professional eye doctor in Dubai. You’ll undergo detailed examination and possible tests to determine the real cause of the problem.

Causes of burning eyes

There’re times when it’s quite easier to determine the cause of eye burning such as certain chemicals, soapy ingredients, chlorine from swimming pool or sunscreen getting in the eyes. Other irritants include makeup, cleaning products and skin moisturisers. Prolonged wearing of the contact lenses can also lead to this particular burning sensation and watering of the eyes.

If you live in an environment with irritants such as smoke, dust, smog, pollen, mould or pet dander, the eyes are likely to sting especially if you’re allergic to any of these. Even clean air may cause the eyes to burn due to extreme temperature that is too much hot or cold. Apart from natural phenomenon, eye diseases like dry eyes, ocular rosacea and blepharitis also cause burning.

Rare but life and serious vision threatening conditions like uveitis or orbital cellulitis may also cause the eyes to burn.

Relief efforts

In case your eye is exposed to a common household product and cause burning, check the product label for safety instructions such as rinsing the eye thoroughly of perhaps seek immediate consultation with an eye doctor in Dubai if the item contains dangerous/harmful elements.

If you’re allergic, the doctor’s likely to prescribe specific eye drops that can reduce the burning sensation which is frequent during peak allergy season. Do remember that these drops are different from oral anti-allergy medicines that also cause the eyes to burn and dry them.

In case you’re taking some medication for allergy or for any other health issue believing it to be the cause for eye burn, be sure to discuss with the doctor before discontinuing else it may raise other health anomalies.

Frequent lubrication of the eyes through prescribed eye drops also known as artificial tears can significantly relieve the burning sensation if you’re suffering from dry eye syndrome. While the doctor would make the right suggestion, always choose a brand which is preservative-free if you’re accustomed using these.

In case the discomfort endures, contact your doctor since there’re many other effective treatments. Cool compresses significantly soothe the burning eyes when gently applied on closed eyelids.


In case you feel a stinging pain, severe light sensitivity, mucus-like discharge, vision distortion or any other symptom alongside the eye burn, seek immediate consultation with an eye doctor. It’s advised not to take any eye medicine without professional’s recommendation!


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