Best Ways to Buy Apartment Building with No Money

Do you want to learn about the technique of buying an apartment building with no money down? Sometimes, you happen to borrow the down payment where you have to buy your equity. Be mindful that nobody will lend you directly the entire full about to buy an apartment building. They may lend you a part of it, but for the rest, you might have to get a loan.

Sources to Raise Money From

So the sources to raise money from could be banks, private money and even the hard money. Honestly, the banks are tough to deal with unless you already have an account in there. Besides that, there’s private money, hard money, private equity funds, etc. since the private equity funds are harder to get unless you enough experience with this. But if you already have a good track record, you can easily raise that kind of money.

Hard Money

You can get the hard money from private investors for a high-interest rate. Keep in mind, and it will only be given on the hard asset values of the underlying asset. Normally, they don’t lend the final 10, 20, 30% piece of an apartment you want to buy. But still, there’re so many ways of doing it.

What’s the Best Way to Raise Money?

The best source for your down payment are the sellers. Although there isn’t any credit required it has to make sense to the seller.

For sure, there are so many reasons why the seller would love to finance. In case they’re very desperate then they may want to finance. But mostly, there are other reasons due to which they want to finance.

For instance; the seller may need to invest their capital. If the seller saw the apartment building and they have this money that has to be invested. Mostly they would invest because they may want to defer taxes or they may want income. So those are very reasons or make perfect sense for sellers to finance.

How About the Terms?

Usually, the terms are quite flexible. It could be interesting, in which the entire balance is due after the date mentioned in the agreement. Sometimes, you want the seller to finance it all where don’t pay them anything.

So in that case, you’ll have accruing, but it accrues to the balance, so it’s payable at the end.

This way, your cash flow won’t be affected by the loan since there are no payments. But, the seller is still getting interested.

Amortizing is another great way to get along with. Let’s say it’s a 10-year note with payments and principal interest. And by the 10th Year, it’s all paid off.

Will You Subordinate?

Now that’s a magic question here. That means that if you’ve taken the first loan, and you take a new loan, so it becomes that second. This way it all turns out to be the junior or subordinate to any new financing that you get now. Be mindful if you are going to do this, you must have a real estate lawyer help you with this since the terms and everything is complex.

So if you’ve come across some flat for sale in Sharjah and are willing to have one with no money, just go for the tips mentioned above.


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