Best tools for a multi-author WordPress site

WordPress is a website development and management tool, which brings its own treat to the users around the world. Due to its immense capabilities and programmatic ways to enhance the website experience by constantly working on customizations, WordPress has become the main ingredient of any major website development project of this modern technological era. As a programmer who has decades of development experience, the technicalities of WordPress come so easy to them, that they can, within a matter of hours, change the entire way WordPress will work on a certain website. Yes, this is the kind of customization that can be easily done on a WordPress software.

When we talk about WordPress, there are many things that one can cover at the back-end where all the development goes on. One of the things to be covered is the multi-author website design. Now to cover this topic, we must first understand what the multi-author website is. Basically, any website where more than one programmer or developer is working and contributing is called the multi-author website. There are many WordPress projects around the world, where authors and contributors work altogether as part of a virtual development team with each one sitting in one part of the world. This is the beauty and flair of WordPress program. The idea of multi-author is now clear to us, so we can proceed to its basic functionalities. Today’s blog is going to talk about some of the best tools and plugins for a multi-author WordPress site.

Enhancing the capability manager

WordPress is not a randomized project that allows multiple users to work on a single project from remote locations. It has one of the best performing and sophisticated designs for developers to combine their efforts. The enhanced capability manager allows programmers to work on a single project based on defined roles. For example, one author can work on certain parts of the website while the other can focus on other aspects of the website. This does not only enhance the capacity and mechanism to work, but also improves efficiency.

Co-Author Plus

If on your WordPress site, there are multiple authors contributing the content of the page and you want to give them their due credit, you can either write the name of the author in a conventional manner or with Co-Author Plus, you can individually tag each author to their relevant post. This way a user can also visit the author’s profile and find more information about him.

Restrict Author-Posting

Sometimes you may want to restrict authors to post certain subjects or type of content with restricted author posting, you can easily do so by applying filters related to the subject and type of content.

Simple Local Avatar

If an author does not want to create a WordPress special Avatar, then with this Simple Local Avatar plugin they can use the same avatar as they have used in their emails for a picture on their profile. This is one of the simplest methods of giving yourself a credible identity on the WordPress profile as an author.

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