The best steps to guys choosing the perfect engagement ring

Are you challenged by getting the perfect engagement ring for your lady? Classic delicate designs or men’s skull rings? If you happen to be reading this, then you are possibly among guys that lack the luxury of understanding which ring exactly their lady will love. Use the following best tips if you want to arrive at engagement ring success.

Your knowledge surpasses your thinking

Guys are frequently intimidated by having to choose an engagement ring. This should never be the case. Do not forget this; you know way more than you think. You know her deep enough to understand that you desire marrying her right? All you have to do is tap into those notes that makes women the women that they are. You can certainly do it

Never spoil the surprise

If you plan on completely surprising her (i.e. you gave no hint that an engagement is impending) try to not drop a lot of hints. To be honest, lots of guys aren’t the most subtle when it concerns hint dropping and your new-found curiosity concerning rings will most certainly damage your element of surprise. She will definitely catch on!

Understand her style

Is she a regular girly girl or a simple jeans and T-shirt type of girl? Some ladies like classy yet simple things. Skull rings for men might seem odd to you as they are meant for guys, but it might be what seems normal to such girls, and what she will love and demand. Other ladies love detail, rings with band details might be the best for such ladies. Just try to remember who she really is at the core. Remember colours too from the jewellery you have come to know she loves through your relationship.


This is probably the very first thing you even need to do. Most times, she tells you what she wants without you asking. For example, be aware of how she reacts to other people’s rings the next time you take her out. Ladies frequently voice what they feel. She will probably comment on rings she likes and those she doesn’t. Listen below the surface to comments she makes about rings. They will be helpful in your efforts to unravel the ring mystery.

Keep your eyes open

Check out all the jewellery pieces she has bought for herself of late or those she currently wears consistently. This will certainly provide you with an excellent idea concerning the style of ring that her love leans towards. This is also an amazing way for getting to learn her ring size. If you have gone through all these steps and still haven’t any idea, take the last step on this list.

Get help

Ask somebody you trust to ask her good friend or mother perhaps. Tell them to help you find out the type of ring to buy. Also, tell them to do it discreetly. They may already know what she loves as they are close and must have talked together a lot in the past.

It’s vital that you take your time. Ensure that you figure out her likes absolutely. This is because humans are so complex that you should not be surprised to discover that she wouldn’t even mind any of the men’s skull rings as her engagement ring. After all, one man’s food, they say, is another’s poison.


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