Best Features of LED Flashlight

When it comes to buying a flashlight, you need to know the features that each of them can offer you. All of them are different, but what is the difference between a military flashlight and an LED flashlight?

If you take a plain, old regular flashlight and compare it to a military flashlight as well as an LED flashlight, you will instantly notice how advanced they are in comparison to the other flashlight. And although a military flashlight and an LED flashlight both perform exceptionally well, they are different!

Military flashlights were originally created to be used by the Special Forces, Military and Law Enforcement. They have a range of different features that allow them to be used as a multi-functional tool that can be used in just about any situation.

When we take a look at an LED Flashlight that is popular on the market and in the flashlight industry, we see a flashlight that has one of the brightest beams of light with the highest battery capacity!

So, both flashlights perform highly and can offer features useful for each of us, but which one is more convenient for everyday use – the military flashlight or the LED flashlight?

A military flashlight has to have certain conditions to be called a military flashlight in the first place. The flashlight has to have a lumen capacity of 500 lumens or more, at least two modes, the ability to recharge the batteries and a capacity to last up to 48 hours.

In order for a flashlight to be called an LED flashlight, it has to have the latest hardware technology called an LED chip. No, not LED diodes – an LED chip! Why? Because an LED chip uses it’s square body structure to transmit the whole lumen capacity of the LED flashlight, unlike the LED diodes which often do not transmit.

Now that you know all about military flashlight, as well as LED flashlights, you can use this information to choose a flashlight for yourself. Take a look through the Klarus Light website and browse through the range of LED Flashlights, Tactical Flashlights and flashlight accessories.


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