Best Celebrity Makeup Artist in Dubai, Zareen Shah’s Success Story

Zareen Shah is a shining name in the world of bloggers. Based out of Dubai, she blogs at The best makeup artist in Dubai and a lifestyle blogger, Zareen is a professional MUA and Celebrity Makeup Artist in Dubai and with an experience of a decade.

Her online store Ezeenah is inspired hugely from her love and appreciation for beauty and her blog has won accolades for the resplendent work that she put together.

Zareen has succesfuly serviced innumberable celebrities and distinct namesof the UAE royal house.She is regularly featured as a Celebrity Makeup Artist in many local magazines. abounds in makeup-fashion and travel. It is also a leading voice in the world of modesty wear.

A recent coverage in UAE’s leading platform – Emirates Women by Ann Marie Mc Queen is testimony to the fact that Ms. Shah indeed “A Modern Muse”. An inspiration for dabbling in an array of roles. A mother best makeup artist in Dubai, a fashion icon and asuccesful entrepreneur.

Making her maiden step through a blog in 2011, she created in 2012. This eventually condensed into one platform. She tackles with destination weddings, photo shoots, fashion weeks and make-up workshops too. Though uncomfortable with excessive self-promotion, she does do a great job with sharing content that inspires.
She comes from the school of timeless make-up. Developing on the natural beauty of a person is central to her make-up philosophy. Cramping styles onto faces is not her approach. Evolved over the time she lived in Dubai, Zareen prefers an eclectic mix ofluxury labels with street finds, inspired by the places she goes to is a classic testimony to her taste.

Shah launched her YouTube channel 6 months ago. Her exposure to a video camera spurred her sense of responsibility and the continuous attempts for what is ‘new’ or ‘needed’. Her multi-cultural background opened for her, a great understanding- that cultural barriers jabs at fashion.Fostered by a lot of reading,writing and learning, she affirms the fact that education helps strengthen a craft and that perfection comes with consistent efforts.

Zareen Shah
Dubai, UAE


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