Benefits of Ceylon Green Tea

Tea is the second most consumed beverage coming after water. Most of the people around drink at least 4-5 cups of tea on a regular basis. But we all know green tea is the most beneficial of any tea as it is the most unprocessed tea, i.e. it has the maximum amount of antioxidants. Now, what do antioxidants do in our body? Antioxidants lower the risk of heart diseases, and also, prevent our body from any further infections. Also, antioxidants are known to detoxify our body by purifying our blood. Here let’s first see the most useful benefits of sipping green tea:

1. It helps in prevention of cancer: Green tea is known to decrease the growth of tumour-generating cells, in turn, decrease the risk of cancer in our body be it breast, bladder, stomach or cancer of any sort. Also, it should be noted that green tea is just known as one of the preventive measures and no scientist claims it as the sure method to prevent cancer.

2. Controls heart diseases: Green tea is known to contain catechins and polyphenolic compounds that increase the blood circulation of the body, in turn, protecting us from any heart diseases. The studies say that people who drink normal tea are at much higher risk than people who drink green tea.

3. Lowers body cholesterol: As green tea does not let any fat in your body to settle, it lowers body cholesterol as it does not let any oil accumulation happen at any part of the body.

One of the most famous cities from Sri Lanka, Ceylon is known to have been supplying good quality green tea from a very long time. Ceylon green tea was initially brought to Ceylon by British, which later on the local people starting growing it. The tea can be rolled as we roll any powder substance or can be used in tea leaves form depending upon the size and structure of the tea. Some of the benefits of drinking Ceylon green tea are:

1. Burning fat and increasing body muscle: A healthy body is one which has the least amount of fat and a healthy amount of body muscle. Ceylon green tea helps in reducing fat by burning cellulitis and increasing body cells that increase body muscle.

2. Giving glowing skin: Detoxification of body is very necessary to have glowing skin. Ceylon green tea just helps you with that. Purifying blood and letting your skin glow.

3. Healthy and shiny teethes: What another benefit can green tea have if it also helps you to have shiny and healthy teeth.

To enjoy all the benefits of Ceylon green tea, follow the particular steps to make this tea and then you can sip all the benefits:

1. Boil water at 100 degrees in any utensil.

2. Once the water is boiled, transfer the water in a cup.

3. Add the green tea leaves in this, and let them settle for at least 5-10 minutes.

4. After settling, strain the leaves, and your green tea is ready.

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