Be clear about the purpose while writing tourism assignments

Tourism is a very interesting topic; pardon me for starting with such a clichéd statement! But, nothing explains tourism better than the word ‘interesting’. As a tourism student, you are required to put your foot in a traveller’s shoe and find out where it aches. Can there be anything more interesting than this? That is why; students are expected to devote a considerable part of their routine in writing case studies, dissertations, etc. while writing on tourism topics. And when you are expected to devote so much of yourself in assignment writing task, then the importance of purpose is obviously not to be ignored.

Assignment writing task given to you does not stem from a mindless mentality; mark my words on it. Professors are looking for some traits in you such as in-depth knowledge of the topic, willingness to explore the topic, excellent presentation and writing skills and what not. All these form the reason you must write your assignment with all your heart. So, what are various purposes that you achieve by writing a killer assignment on tourism topic? Let’s find out.

Write for demonstrating your knowledge

You can achieve the best quality assignment if you are serious about it. This does not mean you need to start with a flat face and drooped shoulders; in fact, jump on writing tourism assignment with all your vigour. After all, there is so much to achieve! You need to pick a topic that supports vast research, demonstrates your enthusiasm and also helps you write arguments that are backed by evidences. Thus, keep the purpose of making your work your mirror of knowledge in mind.

Some important topics that you can choose are:

1. Dark tourism: Why haunted places attract tourists
2. Wellness tourism: What factors to consider for making tourism a ticket to wellness
3. Education tourism: How to select a country for pursuing course of your choice

The area of tourism is expanding day in and day out. People have started travelling from a variety of purposes other than business and recreation. So, if you choose something unconventional to write upon, it does make your reviewers sit up and notice.

Do keep audience in mind

Write to impress; everybody says that! But, I prefer to expand this another cliched expression. We should also write to add value to the knowledge of the reader. So, choosing topics that everybody wants to know about is a wise step towards writing an engaging assignment. Your reviewer is surely going to give you brownie marks for your imagination and also for your interest in what is trending in the current scenario. Thus, I advise writing in such a way that opens avenues for further exploration or discussion. The next step in assignment writing sometimes is the presentation. So, if you have written on something that interests everybody, then your presentation session is surely going to be the happening hour of the day.

So, do write for yourself, and others too!

When you choose to write to add to your knowledge, you are likely to involve yourself more deeply. Also, when you choose to write for others, you are going to be cross check thrice about the correctness of information, and also for the format, flow of information and various other aspects. So, if you keep you as well as your audience as one of your purposes of writing assignments, you are surely going to give your best.

After reading all this, I am sure that you will start looking at assignment writing not as a mere activity but as an excuse to add to your knowledge and expertise. If you can make the best of the time that you put in assignment writing, the major purpose of doing this activity is surely achieved.


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