Basic Exercises to improve emotional intelligence

In this article I will explain the keys to developing emotional intelligence and the importance of emotional intelligence when it comes to having a balanced life personally, socially interact and be as occupationally competent. Emotional intelligence is the most powerful tool for success, not just in romantic relationships but also in business. In fact the same rules to achieve your goals in your company apply for love.

Emotional intelligence is, without doubt, that dimension of our life that we should develop and properly manage. Listening, understanding the emotions of others and control themselves, know communicate and promote mutual respect where everyone wins, it is essential. It is a kind of intelligence that should be included in the curriculum of schools to develop in children from an early age those basic skills.Emotional intelligence is a way of self-knowledge, self-control and expressiveness, to know the limits of self and simultaneously mark to others.

During the 90s the emotional intelligence was considered practically a superpower. It was assumed that the people who possessed emotional intelligence was not only able to identify emotional states, but could also connect with people, to eliminate any trace of stress, and understand the body language of those around them.

In 1990, two psychologists at Yale, John D. Mayer and Peter, coined the term emotional intelligence,which some researchers say it is an innate characteristic, while others suggest it can be improved with proper guidance and practice. I agree with the two schools and, obviously, with the second. It may not be possible for everyone to have a psychotherapist. But you can become your own therapist. It all starts with learning to listen to your feelings. Although it is not always easy, developing the ability to tune with your own emotions is the first step and perhaps the most important.

Self – awareness:

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live!

It is the ability to recognize and identify emotions in yourself as well as its origin. Stand at least once a day to reflect and ask: How do I feel? We must be aware that emotional intelligence can be applied to all areas of our lives, but first requires that we have some knowledge of ourselves and our behaviors,know why we react or think in a certain way. It is advisable to ask questions like, why act like that? Why do I have these beliefs? Try to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and after recognizing try to maximize your strengths and realizes that only you own your life, and therefore you are also responsible for finding your own happiness.


Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.Empathy is the ability to connect with the emotions and motives of others. And we must understand before we judge! The empathy is a concept we all know and we value. Yet not put it into practice as much as we should. We make it easy to get in the place of those people who convey more positive feelings to us. We identify better with them and the level of understanding and approach is more intense. But what if one day we try to empathize with whom else bothers us? Think about that boss for example, so little respect you, or that classmate who always speaks ill of others and only looking for trouble. Try "put yourself in their shoes" and perhaps discover what is behind them: insecurity, low self -esteem … try it, it can be a good learning. Empathy is needed to better know the people around us and become aware of their realities; dimensions that are sometimes not much of ours differ.

Get social:

The art of communication is the language of leadership!

Emotional intelligence cannot be understood without the participation of others. Having good communication skills is a good step to also have high emotional intelligence. Try to be always sincere,respect the comfort zones of your partner to avoid reaching the conflict, but always transmits your impressions without covering them up, also look at the body positions of others when they are before you to understand those signals are not transmitted in spoken form. Expressions, movements,sometimes speak louder than words.

So now, what do you expect to be an emotionally intelligent person? You know the basic exercise, just implement these in your life if you want to achieve the purpose of being emotionally intelligent.

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