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Planning to renovate a house with a basement and need to give it a facelift? Or simply looking for basement renovations to get you started, we have got you covered. There are plenty of things you could be doing to your basement to make the most of this hidden space in your home.

But one of the foremost worries of having a basement is to either neglecting it to the point where it becomes unbearable to walk in or to or leaving it with unfixed lighting, leaky or moist walls and cluttered space with all the storage just thrown in like that.

Well, in case you do not have any of the above problems, congratulations you are a successful adult and you must be living the life of your dreams. But if that is not the case and you need some help to get you started.

Basement inspection is important

Before you go for anything or take any step ahead with your renovations, you haven’t already make sure you get a basement inspection conducted by expert contractors in your town. Once you are well aware of any existent problems, you may first want to work on those and move on to considering your basement renovation options.

Once done with the basement inspection by an expert let us move on to what all you can do with your basement.

1. Turn your basement into a living space.

We are not saying turn it into another living room but we’ suggest you make your basement area as accessible for a set-up that can fit in a family gathering easily. This always gives you extra room in case you want to want a special get together with your family on a certain occasion.

2.Add modular furniture pieces that are low maintenance

We’d recommend creating a sitting corner in your basement with simplistic yet stylistic modular furniture. This type of furniture is generally minimalistic in appeal as well and takes up lesser space. It is generally lightweight too so you can carry it up and down in case needed to move. These pieces can instantly uplift your basement’s vibe and make it more welcoming.

3.Rework the flooring

A basement remodeling plan is generally incomplete without including the flooring renovations. Ask your remodeling service or contractor to give you other options instead of the wall to wall carpets. Ask your contractor how a custom engineered hardwood and vinyl floor can be added to your basement.

4. Work on the lighting

While you must have already picked out which kind of lights do you want for your basement, we’d suggest going for something that is more inclined towards creating a minimal, relaxed space. You need to put quality diffused lights that can be layered under your cabinets to give a additional illumination.

But in order to ensure your basement remodeling plan goes just as you wanted, so you can incorporate the above said changes, make sure it is moisture free, has ample scope of ventilation, sunlight, probably has an exhaust fan in place too. There are many basement remodeling experts out there that can help you come up with the best space utilization ideas for your basement.

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