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7 Employee Retention Strategies: Know Them to Become a Proficient

Human Resource is an intensive course of Management Studies which aims to increase the performance of the employees and organization as a whole. The subject involves many strategies to achieve the goals and objectives of the company.

Employees are the foundation stone of an organization. A company’s growth is determined by the hard work and dedication of its employees. Therefore, no organization can afford to lose its employees. It becomes the responsibility of HR to retain the employees. Thus, a proficient HR should know some of the best employee retention strategies to hold on the employees.
You, as a student of HR, must know some of the best employee retention strategies to ace your HR interview.Also, your professor might ask you some of them in your assignments. Students having insufficient knowledge of these strategies take HR assignment help. Hence, if you want to excel in your professional life as well as your academic career, then here are some of the best employee retention strategies.

Don’t Hire a Quitter– Always hire the right person. Make sure that the employee is capable enough to meet the organization’s goals and objectives. For understanding a person well, ask him questions that are beyond the scope of textbooks. You can ask him about his passion, dreams, strengths, and weaknesses to ensure whether he can be the best fit for your organization. Knowing the candidates well will also help you retain them in the future.

Competitive Salary And Benefits– According to a report, around 45% of employees quit their jobs because of poor salary structure. It is always necessary to provide attractive salary packages and benefits to the employees. Along with salary, different perks, such as health benefits, bonus, and insurance plans motivate an employee to give 100% in the company.

Rewards and Recognition– Every employee wants to get appreciated when they go to the extra mile. Always make sure to pat their back when they achieve their targets or goals. You can motivate and encourage them through corporate gifts, awards, or a simple ‘Thank You’ mail. Timely appreciation will boost their confidence and faith in your organization.

Balanced Work-Life– Employees are humans, not machines. A heavy workload is one of the important reasons due to which employees start looking for other job opportunities. Working for long hours can be a monotonous task, reducing the productivity of the employees. In order to make them realize that the organization care about their well-being, you can provide longer lunch breaks, day offs, and flexible work timings.

Healthy Work Environment– A positive work environment is always essential to reduce the workload off the employees. A healthy workplace plays a vital role in determining an employee’s well-being resulting in maximizing the output of the organization. There are several methods that can be practiced in order to develop a healthy workplace, such as indulging in team-oriented tasks, casual dress codes on weekends, cleanliness in the office, etc.

Monitoring And Feedback– Never miss taking feedback of each and every employee from their team leaders or project managers. This will help you in monitoring the performance of an employee. Feedback, both negative and positive, is essential to discover the potential of the employees. Also, if possible, try to meet the employees personally during office hours to know whether they are facing any issues in the organization.

Healthy Bond Beyond Work– A proficient HR always try to maintain a healthy relationship with the employees. You can develop a healthy bond with your employees over a cup of coffee and get to know them more. We all know that during office hours employees have to maintain a formal decorum but meeting them beyond the office boundaries will help you know them personally. You can also plan a trip with your employees.

We all know that the growth of an organization is determined by the hard work and dedication of the employees. Thus, in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the company, it is required that no top performer employee leaves the company. These employee retention strategies are surely going to help you in retaining the employees.

Summary: Employees are the valuable asset for a company and no organization wants that their top performer employees to quit the job. Hence, this article highlights some employee retention strategies that you should follow to become a proficient HR.
About the Author:Marie Claire is associated with Assignment desk as an academic writer. She has done his MBA in Human Resources. Being an avid reader, she loves reading novels during his leisure time. She has worked as an HR manager with some of the best companies.

How To Enhance Your Learning Ability?

A human brain is capable of storing 670 million web pages or 2.5 petabytes. You may wonder if it can store information in petabytes, then what stops you from scoring high grades in the exams. Well, you can score top-notch grades easily. However, there is one issue, and that is our storage process is slower than the events happening around us, and which is why we cannot store everything we learn. For this, you need to garner some skills, that can improve your memory retention. Along with it, you can also work on enhancing your cognitive abilities. You can choose to learn and read what matters most, and it will cement with your memory. Our team of academic writers and editors that provides online assignment help has come up with some useful tips. By reading them, you will grasp a new learning perspective.

1. Boredom can enhance your creativity

We all have one thing in common, and that is we hate the state of boredom. But, a recent study has shown that not getting involved in any activity, for some time can give your brain time to think. It can enhance your creativity, and work productivity. Now, you must be thinking how? Well, when you get bored, a network ignites in your brain called the default mode, which allows different connections to take place in your mind. Due to these connections, creative thinking and cognitive flexibility improves. It also results in the formation of long-lasting memories as well.

2. Gum chewing makes you learn quickly

It is the easiest method that can enhance your learning process. But, there are some contradictions around it, and to understand the actual effects of chewing gum on the brain further research is needed. However, a study published in a scientific journal last year showed that the group of participants who chewed gum during the memory recall test were more accurate than the other group of non-gum chewers. It is found that chewing gum increases the flow of blood in the brain by 25 to 40 percent, which in turn improves brain function. Also a significant increase in the brain activity has been noticed in the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain responsible for memory retention.

3. Try meditation to improve your memory recall

We know that physical exercises can expand your body muscles. In the same way, meditation increases the size of your brain, and particularly of the areas which are associated with focus, attention, memory and deep thinking. There are many studies which explain that meditation can improve brain function significantly. Moreover, within just eight weeks you can enhance your memory recall, concentration, and working memory( known as brain’s notepad ). Practicing meditation every day can also reduce your stress and anxiety.

4. Multitasking can kill your creativity

Research has proven that multitasking is hazardous for your brain, and it is the main reason why you cannot remember things. When you try to do more than one task at a time, your attention shifts from one activity to another. Due to these continuous shifts in focus, your memory retention decreases. So, try to complete tasks one by one, and in this way, you will finish more work easily in less time. There are many adverse effects of multitasking on the brain, such as it can lowered your IQ, EQ, concentration, productivity, and efficiency. All this happens due to the significant decrease in cognitive abilities, and change in the brain structure.

5. Take a nap every day

Recently the UK-based research team has found that while taking a nap, right-side of the brain is far more active than the left side. So when the left side of your brain relaxes, right side pushes the temporary information into the long-term memory. It also improves alertness, perception, motor skills, memory creation process, and lowers the risk of heart disease by 30%-40%. However, taking naps can have a different impact based on your handedness. At present, around 90% of the population is right-handed, it denotes that the left side of their brains is more dominant.

By following these tips, you can achieve better results in your career. Also, you should prefer eating a balanced diet for the proper functioning of your body and brain.

Summary: This article aims at enhancing learning abilities of the readers by providing them suitable tips.

Steps to be Followed while Writing an Essay

An essay is one of the most valuable and crucial things that a student should know to be successful in the academics. It’s simply a detailed summary of any particular topic or related to that topic. It might be used as a literary device to write everything about anything. A very well said quote by H.H Munro says that “A little inaccuracy saves tons of explanation”. So, when writing a document, one should keep some important factors in mind. Here we have enlisted a few of them:

Topic of your interest

You cannot write an essay until and unless you have an idea of that topic. For writing, a quality one, the very first factor one should keep in mind is that the topic should be known to the writer. You can gather a list of ideas by doing brainstorming, but you should select the different or the best one. Having a broad knowledge about that objective will make your work easy and it won’t look like you just presented your words by copying from somewhere else. If the topic is of your interest, then it will be easier for you to work on that, which will subsequently result in quality writing.

The Outline

Once you have chosen the idea, the next step is to draw a skeleton of that topic in your own words. Writing with perfection will always require outlining of that essay. It will give you the idea of how is it going to be framed. While writing it, you should be careful that don’t do jumbling of too many ideas in a single sentence, the reader may become confused and will lose interest. Make simpler sentences, and it should be eye-catching. You do research and collect facts and figures about that topic. So basically it is the tool which is used to organize the ideas, major topics, subtopics in a proper manner.

The target audience

The purpose of your essay mainly depends upon who is reading your essay. You cannot write something which you think is good, it’s the readers who decide how effective and worthy it is. You should be aware of the mindset of the listeners. To explain how they matters, let’s take an example. Imagine you are writing an essay to your parents to tell them how was your first day at college. What are the details you will explain to them? Now, imagine the same scenario when you will explain this to your best friend. There will be no similarities in narrating the same story with your family and your friend. Both will be completely different in terms of content or tone. So audience matters a lot in how one should present their word.

The introduction

It is one of the most important factors which will completely decide the impact of your essay. It’s truly said that first impression is the last impression. If you have to grab the reader’s eye, then you should have a quality introduction about the topic. It generally covers approx 5-10% of your word count. An average introductory paragraph will make your reader disoriented and confused about the topic. It should convey importance of facts about the story. A short and relevant introduction will be perfect. So, if you want to catch the reader’s attention, then start making your introductory part impactful.

Main body

The term body paragraph includes all the topics and subtopics. It follows the introductory part and comes before conclusion. It generally holds 70-75% of your word count. Good paragraphs are the most important aspect of writing a well oriented and organized essay. The fundamental goal is to present the central fragment of the essay. There can be many ways to do this, but the perfect one is to write every paragraph within the body of the essay that elaborates one point in it. This elaboration can come in the form of examples, quotes, facts and figures.

Conclusion and proofreading

Every beginning has an end, similarly every essay should be concluded smoothly. It’s the last thing that a reader will go through before finishing. So, it should not be underestimated. It brings up all the relevant points into an alignment which were discussed earlier. After concluding the document one should do proofreading of it as it is the most vital part of an essay as it will tell you about the errors occurred in the form of spelling, grammar and word usage etc. It should be the final step taken before considering any document finished.

It’s true that essay writing is one of the most challenging tasks faced by students during their academic career. But with these tips in mind, you can certainly overcome it. However, if you are not able to complete your essays on time, then do not risk your grades. Rather, take essay writing service from a reputed company.

Summary:- This article discusses the various factors one should follow while writing down a quality essay.