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How to Prepare for Behavioral Interview

Behavioral interview is a kind of interview where an employer asks questions to check if applicant has enough past experience and skills and if he can perform well in his company on bases of his past experience and skills. He check applicant’s behavior if he can perform his duties well by having good interaction with other employees. Most of people don’t know what a behavioral interview is and which questions will be asked from them. They find best Kuwait job vacancies and reach there for interview without preparing behavioral interview. This article will explore tips that will be helpful in preparing behavioral interview in best way.

First and most asked questions about behavioral interviews are related with teamwork and leadership skills. An employer who takes your interview, asks questions to examine if you have any experience of working as team member or team leader of any project or any office work. You should answer these questions properly. If you were a team member then you will need to tell your employer how you played your role well and how much your team leader or supervisors were impressed by your work. You should tell him about steps that you took to maintain your team and taking best output from them if you were a team leader.

Second type of questions that are asked mostly are conflict management based questions where employer seeks how much you are able to manage different conflicts. He can ask from you how much you were interacted with clients and how much tricky situations you faced. He can ask you some examples of those situations and how you covered those situations. Here you will need to tell him in details why you had to face those situations and which skills you utilized to get rid of those situations. You will need to tell him those decisions that played best role in managing those conflicts.

Remember that each employer looks for those employees that have abilities of problem solving. So to test your abilities, he can ask different problem solving questions from you. You should be prepared about this because these questions may be related with your skills and may be based on natures of job vacancies in Kuwait. For example, if you are a computer programmer, he can put a situation in front of you where a code gives error and he asks from you to give your opinions to solve these errors. You should provide a best answer that should justify your problem solving skills in best way.

There are many employers who want to know how many times their employees had failed in past so that ask questions to know about situations in which their employees had failed. Your employer can ask from you tell me your worst experience or tell me what was your biggest failure according to your nature of job or skills. Here you should be careful because you will never have to show your weakness. If you had faced any failure then you should describe it in a way that may build your positive image, not negative.


How Social Media Helps in Searching Job in Kuwait

Kuwait is a wonderful country that has wide job opportunities for different kind of people with good salaries and benefits. Most of people dream to find best jobs in Kuwait but they are not able to find even reading different newspapers to search for different job advertisements and spending lot of hours over internet. Reports show that almost more than 80% people who have access to internet, use social media but however they don’t know power of social media and don’t use it in a proper way to find a job on internet. This article explores some tips that will help you to find job in Kuwait that you always dream.

Use Facebook: Facebook is highest used social media that almost every person is using that have access to internet. Even different companies have their brand pages to be online on Facebook and post their latest updates. Studies show that most people use Facebook just for making friends and chatting with different people or playing games. If you are a Facebook user, then making only professional friends of your similar industry and liking or following official pages of different companies will make you able to get latest updates for different jobs. You can also join different Facebook groups where latest job updates are published by different people.

Use Twitter: Twitter is second world’s largest social media network that is used by professionals as well as companies. We have seen that most of people have their account on Twitter but they don’t use Twitter much or even some of them would have forgotten using Twitter after making their account. Here one should remember that Twitter is not a just mico blogging website but it is a website where people can get latest updates by professionals and companies. All you will is to follow professionals from Kuwait and different companies in Kuwait. As soon as there will be a job opportunity available, you will get update in your email and even on your mobile if you would have activated mobile updates. You can then apply for that job opportunity.

Use LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a website that is made for professionals and different companies to connect together. In other meaning, it is a professional networking website where people can find more opportunities to get connected with professionals and even with companies. If you are seeking job in Kuwait or seeking Qatar living jobs, all you will need is to find professionals from these countries. For example if you search “CEO” from Qatar or Kuwait, you will get a list of people who are CEO of companies from Qatar and Kuwait. All you will need is to add them in your professional network. You can ask from them directly if there is any job opportunity is available. If there will be any job opportunity, they will let you know. You will be able to follow different company pages where jobs are regularly posted and even some groups where professionals speak out for latest job opportunities.


Why You Need a Cover Letter for Gulf Jobs

A cover letter consists of a short introduction about your qualification, experience and skills where you call an employer to offer you a job. In other way, it is a letter that you write to an employer, offering your services for a job. Whenever you need to apply for gulf jobs, you need two basic things along with your documents that are 1st your resume and 2nd one is cover letter. Each employer seeks how a CV of their applicants but however they are impressed only with a cover letter that is written best in a simple and effective way. This article explores why you need a cover letter while applying for gulf jobs;

Personalization with Company’s Requirements: Each cover letter that is submitted to a company, is always a unique cover letter. That means if you are an engineer and have more than 10 years experience, you will be able to submit unique cover letters to  company A and company B with different requirements of them. Each company have different job descriptions this is why your cover letter is written on bases of their requirements and job description where you mention that why you are a perfect candidate for that job.

Highlighting Your Strengths: A cover letter shows to an employer which skills you have, what is your qualification, what is your experience and why you are most suitable candidate for that job. In other words, it is a letter, which shows your strengths to your employee. To make your cover letter show you a perfect person for described job, you need to focus on job advertisement and write your skills accordingly. If you will not write your skills and strengths according to job description, you will not be able to impress your employer to offer you that job.

Salary Negotiation: A cover letter can be used for salary negotiation. For example if an employer asks in his job advertisement to mention your current salary, then you will have to write current salary in your cover letter. This will be added in this way like “I am working with ABC company where my current salary is 2200 USD per month. I would like to get a job with salary more than 3000 USD or negotiable according to my experience and qualification”. In this way, you address about your current salary and salary requirements in a better way.

Initiating Direct Communication: A cover letter helps you to initiate direct communication with your employer. For example, in your cover letter, when you write all information that you want to address to employer, you have to write in last that you are available for personal; interview. You can be contacted at ABC email and 123 phone number. When you put your email and phone number, your employer will be able to contact with your directly. Hence, your cover letter opens a way where you will be able to contact with your employer. To make your cover letter more effective, you will need to write it as you are talking with your employer face to face.