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All The Key Health Benefits Of Having a Cubby House Of Your Own

Many people are aware of the benefits of owning your own outdoor cubby house. But most people are not aware of the health benefits. This article takes a look at some of the key ones.

1. Enhances vision
The American Academy of Ophthalmology published the results of a study which verified that children that played outside for some time feature a much-decreased risk of suffering from near-sightedness or ‘myopia’. The researchers discovered that the risk was decreased by up to 2% for every extra one hour that’s spent playing outdoors, every week. The conclusion of the study was that getting your kids to spend extra time outdoors can be a truly ‘simple strategy’ for decreasing the development and progression of near-sightedness in kids.

2. Stimulates social skills
It’s believed that having kids play outside – and, particularly, taking part in the unstructured play – promotes a wide variety of social skills; not every kid gets to be the first to go down the slide on the playground. Getting a cubby for your children is not only about being active and running around, but it is about learning executive functions, social skills, and behavioural skills too via playing whenever their siblings or friends are around.

Actually, the School of Education of the University of Missouri-Kansas has verified that kids enjoy several brain-boosting benefits, beginning right from infancy when they play outdoors in their timber cubby house. The research paper goes on to explain that playing outdoors fosters ‘emotional, social, as well as cognitive competencies’ in children, including the fortification of communication and language interactions between young kids that play together in their own cubby or at the park.

3. Enhances attention span
It’s estimated that about 7 million kids from ages 4 to 17 are suffering from ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), says the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Studies have verified that green outdoor settings tend to decrease the symptoms of ADHD in kids, which comprises the exposure to natural settings like beaches and parks or their own cubby or fort that they get via weekend and after-school activities. Generally, it’s turning progressively more apparent that these kinds of external activities might be widely effective in decreasing the symptoms of attention deficiency in kids.

4. Decreases stress
In 2014, University of Colorado researchers teamed up with Colorado and Maryland educators to study how of kids’ resilience and levels of stress were impacted by green schoolyards. They presented the argument that increasing the exposure children got to green outdoor spaces and playground areas, such as cubbies, can help greatly in reducing the kids’ stress levels by providing them with a safe escape of the daily routines of their lives. The study also concluded that kids that played outside got ‘peace away from daily classroom stresses’.

These are the key health benefits that your kids get to enjoy when you have an outdoor cubby house of your own. There are several others such as the boost in their levels of vitamin D, but it is hoped that these listed ones should be enough motivation for you to go out there are get your own.

The best tips for getting your kids motivated to play outside in Australia

Though the outdoors can be fun for play, kids sometimes need some form of motivation like an outdoor cubby house to get them to play in the backyard again. This is because they might be too used to the indoors. Outside play is necessary as it’s healthy. They sometimes remain indoors too much due to the winter months and the attendant cold. At other times, they are into the negative habit of playing video games for too long or watching too much TV. Nobody knows why this is so, but it is so. So, you might need a little help in getting them motivated enough to return outside. This is where cubbies come in. Here are some tips that will certainly motivate your kids to return outside and begin playing.

• Plan time for being outside daily. When the kids get into a routine of being outdoors at a particular time every day, they will maintain the excellent habit.

• Allow them to enjoy some forms of unstructured play. Just because you are capable of setting the place and time at which they will play, you don’t necessarily have to tell them the kind of games they should play or what they should pretend to be.

• Whenever your kids wish to engage in more relaxing activities, take out board games to wherever they are playing outside. Enjoying fresh air doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be jumping and running every time.

• When you own truly cool outdoor toys such as an outdoor cubby house in Australia, your kids will always want to remain outside playing –even when the weather happens to be bad. It offers them a lot more than just ‘something they should do’. It becomes their own personal space.

• Utilize all elements that might be obtainable in your backyard to landscape around your beautiful cubby house. You could even involve the kids in fun activities like planting a flower garden or even having a small potted tomato plantation around it.

• Check the moon out. Transform it into some kind of effective learning activity by discussing the moon cycles and asking your kids to produce little drawings of what they feel the moon appears like all through the month. This is so they can actually experience the moon and its cycles themselves.

• Create a collection of bugs, pebbles, or leaves. Display this collection which is theirs in a way that’s fun to enable your kids to identify the objects and arrange or hang them in their cubby. Take time to create other collections like this to add to the current one.

• Plan play dates with their friends after school hours. This is to enable them to to play outdoors for the remainder of the afternoon and eliminate all the extra energy they have caged up from being in their classrooms.

These are the tips for getting your kids sufficiently motivated to come outside and play in their outdoor cubby house. You could also add the use of a camera for capturing animals they see from their cubby. You can always add that to the fun.

Tips for using your child’s cubby house to throw a birthday party in Australia

An outdoor cubby house can be used for several varying fun activities including birthday parties. If your child’s birthday falls within a time when the weather is normally good, you must seriously consider holding his birthday party just in your backyard and also utilizing his cubby house. The house is the ideal toy a bunch of partying kids could enjoy. Additionally, it’s a cost-effective venue to hold the party, and saving a little money always feels great.


The first means of getting creative about any ideas for your child’s birthday party is to choose a theme. In this way, you avoid going on any idea overload and putting yourself – and the kids too – under too much stress. Once you have chosen a theme, you can then search online for some truly excellent ideas you can use for the party.


You will need to send invitations out. Why don’t you take a picture of the cubby fort or house and use it on the invitation card? Ensure that you tell your guests that they should attend dressed to play. This enables everybody to have lots of fun when they get to the party. If all of your kid’s parents have email, then send invites through the internet too. Just ensure that everybody receives his invitation by checking on those that didn’t respond.


Use balloons and streamers to decorate the fun product from the kid’s cubby maker in Australia – the cubby house. Don’t let the decorations be too many, as you don’t want them getting in the way of kids that will be jumping, running, and playing. A couple of ribbons and other varying decorations back and forth will certainly bring the party spirit out.

Serving food

Are you serving food at the party? A barbecue is an excellent idea with lots of handy food you are sure the kids will truly love. If there are a lot of kids attending the party, ensure that the eating area is separate from the cubby where the kids were playing. This makes the chances of choking or spills a lot less. Kids must be relaxed when eating, playing, and running in the cubby fort or house when they have finished.

Scavenger hunt

Organize a cubby scavenger hunt by putting birthday cake pictures or varying colors of balloons around the cubby house. Then see the number of kids that will get the correct count and give them prizes. If it happens to be hot outdoors, have a water balloon toss or battle. The kids could also make party crafts on the cubby house’s deck.

Dance party

One other fun activity you can use the cubby house’s deck for is to have a dance party. Use your home’s music setup or bring it a bit outside to have the kids dancing, dancing, and dancing.

When it’s time for everybody to return home, make sure you tell them that they are welcome for a playdate with your kid and the outdoor cubby house. This helps your kid in being social and enjoying his friends a lot more.