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Basic Guidelines for Writing an Assignment

All assignments must be handled carefully and diligently because it carries significance value in academics. Every student wants to submit a perfectly written assignment in order to impress his or her professors and ensure higher grades in academics. But due to the intricacies involved in the task, students often struggle to fulfill academic requirements. Naturally, they seek for comprehensive guidelines to craft an academic paper while following all provided requirements. To help those students who spend their time in searching for an assignment writing guide, we have assembled a brief guide on academic writing that contains all required guidelines for writing assignments for university in UK.

The elements of the paper:

An assignment paper is divided into different parts and section. Each part or section has its own purpose to serve. For example, an introduction is for making readers aware of the main ideas and writers’ opinion about the assignment topic. Likewise, every section like main body paragraphs and conclusion play a distinct role in developing an academic paper. But the number of sections and its order depends on the nature of the subject and the types of assignment paper students are assigned. If students need an immediate answer to a query, they can take instant assignment help from experts who remain 24×7 online for assisting students.

How to Avoid Plagiarism:

It is important that you avoid plagiarism in assignment writing. The reason is plagiarism can result in severe consequences in your academic life. So it is required that students know the tricks to avoid plagiarism while writing assignments for university. Here are a few tips to avoid plagiarism in academic writing –

  • Cite references clearly
  • Mark quotation clearly in order help readers understand
  • Numbers the section consecutively
  • Give all topics equal importance and ensure all have equal level of heading
  • Include an index page in order to help readers navigate through the paper
  • Follow preferred referencing style while citing the paper
  • Insert a list of references in the end of the paper
  • Apart from listing references at the end of the paper, cite references within the paper (in-text referencing).

What is an ideal structure of an academic paper?

Here is an example of an assignment structure that students need to follow while drafting academic paper on given topics –

Cover page

Abstract (if required)

Tables of contents


  • Relevance and description of the problem
  • Analysis of possible perspectives on/solutions to the problem
  • Problem statement/thesis statement
  • Chosen methodology to prove or explain

Theoretical background:

  • Description and analysis of existing theories related to the subject
  • Empirical findings by others


  • How the necessary information was collected
  • Research design


  • Explanation of results and its validation in this context
  • Summing up the results from the analysis section


How the method has been used to get desired results

How the result has proved the writer’s stances


  • What is the answer to problem statement?
  • The discussion proves that the writer has established the points
  • Putting the result into two perspective – positive implications and possible generalization for future research
  • Did we find new issues that no one has discovered yet?

This is how an assignment should be crafted. But as mentioned above, the structure of an assignment also depends on the nature of the subject.

Undoubtedly, writing an assignment is a tough job. Learning a few tricks can help them reveal the secret of writing a good quality assignment on given or selected subject.

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5 Tips from Assignment Help Experts in Birmingham

As we know, drafting anything – an academic paper or an official letter, in a foreign language – is challenging. Therefore, if English is not your mother tongue and has always been a second language, these following tips are exactly for you. According to the assignment help Birmingham services, students in UK often fumble to write their academic papers using formal English language and almost 60% of them ask for professional assistance. So it is apprehensible that despite essay assignments following a comparative easy structure and students able to illustrate the topic idea, it takes a toll when comes to work using proper English.

So here are five functional tips to elevate your capacity of developing flawless English essay paper –

  1. Universities are flexible:

According to the writing service companies, UK universities these days are well accustomed with the changed modernisation and aspects of globalisation, and thus is open minded to accept differences that students belonging from different ethnicity possess. The universities in UK, therefore, accept assignment papers which are little flawed but do not accept that on a regular basis. So it is wise to learn the language fast.

  1. Online tests are saviours:

In order to stand out with your English or to make assignments and learn the language quickly, go for online tests. There are many online portals where the students can take online English language test. The online tests are a great way to know about your skills. Students studying in the UK universities can choose the degree of the tests and determine their current level. Tests improve the students’ adaptability and capability to learn a new language.

  • Work on your weakness:

Along with taking online tests which will help you improve your knowledge of the subject and language, foreign students also need to work on their weaknesses. It has been found many times that someone is able to draft a paper following the norms, but fails to point out the intricate details because of inadequacy in knowledge. Therefore, make a list of your weaknesses and mistakes to eliminate those the next time you write a paper.

  1. Reading is always advantageous:

Read a lot of books or texts available to you. Reading newspapers, articles, or journals in English improves your vocabulary and comprehension over the intricate details. Also, as the experts from the assignment help services in Birmingham articulate, as many texts you will go through, you will be able to generate newer ideas for your assignments.

  1. Spend time with your native peers:

Students, who are weak in English, normally have a tendency to avoid the native speakers in fear of rejection On the contrary; the experts recommend mixing with the native English speakers. It is true that many foreign students are mocked because they cannot speak in formal English properly. But avoiding has never been the solution. Therefore, mix with the native students. A whole new world of spoken and written English will be open to you.

Apart from above mentioned tips, students can also make use of the technological tools, spend time on assignments, or ask an online assignment writing service provider to get hold over the language.

Hope you will find the blog helpful.

Top 5 Reasons Why Students Buy Assignments Online In UK

Getting your assignment done by a professional is a trend these days, and you will find many of your classmates placing an order for their assignments online rather than wasting several hours doing it on their own. The reasons behind why online assignment help has gained so much popularity among students can be intriguing and at the same time varied, and well worth exploring. If you are wondering why students buy assignments online in UK, read this list of the top 5 reasons why they spend their money on assignment companies.

  1. Because they are working part-time

Most students who buy assignments from an assignment writing company do so because they are working extra hours after college to support their education fee. They usually have a lot of pressure to perform since they are working extra hard to pay for their education. However, they usually do not get the time to do their assignments on their own, and neither do they want to take the risk of submitting half-baked work, which is why they end up taking professional help.

  1. Because they lack the requisite knowledge

Not every student is born with a genius brain that is capable of grasping complex concepts at one go. Moreover, many students do not even have the necessary research skills to gather information on seemingly difficult topics. These prefer instant assignment help in UK as it helps them to submit an excellent paper, which they wouldn’t have been able to do on their own.

  1. Because they do not have the writing skills

This is particularly true in the case of international students who come from different countries to study in the UK. They are generally not proficient in the English language and find it difficult to express themselves clearly. They may also get overwhelmed by the very specific assignment writing rules that universities set. Therefore, they actively seek out the help of native English writers for their assignments so that they get good grades in class.

  1. Because they have other commitments to tend to

Another major reason why students purchase assignments online is because they have other commitments to take care of, which take up much of their time and leave them with no time to do their assignments. Many students are a part of their college sports team or belong to the drama club or the debate team, which is why they find it difficult to juggle both their academics and their interests. Such students are one of the top buyers of online assignments.

  1. Because they suffer from academic stress and anxiety

Many students crack under the academic pressure they face on a daily basis. The truckload of assignments gives them nightmares, and the upcoming exams make the situation worse. Quite a few of them end up having panic attacks because of this immense pressure, and are unable to perform. For them, buying assignments online is like a life-saver.

Therefore, as you can see from the reasons above, there are multiple reasons behind buying assignments online or taking assignment writing help. All of these reasons are valid, and it’s not unethical or morally wrong to take help when you really need it.