An Overview of Endoscopy

Endoscopy is a medical procedure that allows doctors to use specialized equipment which views and operates on internal organs without having to make large incisions. The process is very simple. A doctor inserts a Stryker endoscopy through a small incision on your body or through an opening such as the mouth or anus. This endoscope then shows the doctor your organs through a specialized camera. The doctor can also use tongs or scissors on the endoscope if he or she wants to do a biopsy of the cells on the area.

Types of Endoscopy

The types of endoscopies are classified according to the area of the body where the procedure is performed. Some of the examinations that the Pentax endoscope could be used in include:

  • Bronchoscopy for the lungs
  • Colonoscopy for the colon
  • Arthroscopy for the joints
  • Cystoscopy for the bladder
  • Laparascopy for the pelvic area
  • Hysteroscopy for the uterus


There are different companies that provide endoscopes to doctors and clinics. Some of the best include:

Olympus Endoscopes

Olympus endoscopy has a variety of endoscopes for medical procedures. The Gastrointestinal Videoscope, for example, has HDTV image quality and also supports close observation of the area in question. It improves visualization through the narrow band imaging. In addition to this, this videoscope has a slim design which has a therapeutic effect.

The video bronchoscope is another piece of equipment that has impressive features. This slim 4.2 mm bronchoscope is slender and thus improves access to the lung’s periphery. It has an insertion tube which simplifies operation and promotes safe setup through the waterproof one-touch connector.

A thinner 3.1 mm video bronchoscope is also available from Olympus endoscopy. This slim design allows the medical practitioner to see thin bronchi in addition to having the waterproof one-touch connector and the insertion tube, similar to the 4.2 mm variation.

Stryker Endoscopes

Stryker endoscopy has some pretty impressive equipment as well. The company has a wide variety of equipment to choose from. There are visualization and documentation systems such as the 1488 HD 3-Chip Camera which provides clear and bright images. There are arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and urology and gynecology equipment as well. For the gynecology endoscopes, Stryker combines strong instruments with high-quality cameras to make these procedures fast and secure.

Pentax Endoscopy

Pentax endoscope is also high-quality equipment. The endoscopic ultrasound, for example, delivers high-quality images and impressive technology. It is comprised of radial and linear ultrasound endoscopes, transbronchial needle aspiration that is guided by EBUS and HI-RTE, that is, Hitachi Real-Time Tissue Elastography. This unique design is specifically created so as to provide patients with optimal care during their procedures.

These three companies have some of the best endoscopes in the industry. If you are looking to administer an endoscopy and desire to use the most hi-tech and efficient machines, these three companies are a safe bet. You will also be able to provide your patient with all the care that they need. Using the proper machinery contributes a great deal in reducing the effects of the procedure on a patient.


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