An Insider’s Guide To Saving Money On Hotel Toiletries

The hospitality industry is always looking for efficient ways to cut down their expenses. To this cause, they look for different areas to cut down their costs. It happens more than often that in budget-trimming, the management overlooks the serious blow it has on their service and the overall customer experience.

Toiletries play a major role in defining customer experience of any hotel, homestays, and such others. One of my best hotel experiences included personalised toiletries such as cute little shampoo bottles with the hotel’s name on it! Therefore, bluntly cutting down expenses in this area can directly affect your income. So the question is, how can you cut down expenses on hotel supplies without seriously affecting its quality? The answer is simple – smart shopping of hotel supplies/toiletries.

A large part of hotel budget is invested in toiletries and this is inevitable. Deciding on quality and buying personalized hotel toiletries are a few important management decisions. Here are a few important tips that can help you save a lot while shopping for hotel toiletries.

Bulk Shopping

This is one of the most cliched and yet, important shopping tips for hotel toiletries. Toiletries are always required for hotels and thus, you can shop them in bulk without being worried about any wastage. Besides, bulk shopping cuts a lot in the overall bill. Many online stores offer great discounts on bulk shopping.

Less Popular Brands

Any brand name comes with a price. If you are planning to buy toiletries for your hotel, avoid popular brands in your area. Look for quality products of not-so-popular brands. Hotel supplies such as toiletries from such brands will cost you lesser than products of popular brands. This way you can make sure that the standard quality of your hotel toiletries is maintained at a lower price.

The Packaging

Most buyers don’t pay attention to this important factor. A good or sturdy packaging makes sure that toiletries don’t get wasted. This will ensure an efficient usage of your hotel toiletries and thus trimming a lot of money from the allocated budget.

Not More Than What Is Needed

This is yet another important point that is quite tiny for the hotel management to miss. For instance, if your hotel is near some snow point, it will be more functional or packed with tourists during winters. Plan shopping for your hotel toiletries accordingly. Buy your hotel toiletries, in bulk, before the onset of each season and thus ensuring their maximum utilization. A bonus tip: Always choose mini boxes of toiletries for your hotel.

Focus your budget on providing stellar customer experience with personalised toiletries for your hotel rather than investing in big shampoo bottles.

Personalised toiletries can also be a good tool for the marketing of your hotel. Now that you understand the effect of hotel toiletries on the overall user experience, choose a high-quality online store as your one-stop shopping point for your hotel toiletries.

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