The Most Amazing Home Roofing Options To Choose From In London, Ontario

Whether you are looking for a complete replacement or renovating a neglected roof, a wide-range of options is always available to choose from. Slate and concrete tiles are common, though you also have thatch, and the latest eco-friendly roofing styles as other choices. Here are some among the major available roofing options.


These are produced from clay or concrete, and are quite hard wearing. For installation ease, a tile roofing sheet might be shaped to enable it interlock, which ensures that it gets held in place and disallows rain water from penetrating. The popularity of this option could also be because of its truly economical cost even when covering the whole roof.

Asphalt shingles

This is also a very popular option. A wide range of available colors is among the greatest features of this option, which makes roofing companies in London, Ontario use it a lot. The color range makes it perfect for complementing style or design choices. They are truly hard wearing, especially when used in areas that feature a mild climate, where the weather is unlikely to soften the material.


Installing several varying types of eco-friendly roof coverings is now very possible. They come in various organic materials, and could even feature grass, soil, or vegetation placed on an underlying decking to hold everything in place. A green roof is truly environmentally-friendly but could be costly, mostly as it’s rare and needs expert installation.


This serves those looking to produce old-fashioned appearances quite well. It’s appropriate for and can look beautiful on all kinds of properties once it’s available. It is also eco-friendly as it’s produced from straw, which can be locally sourced. It features thermal properties that are a benefit which keeps homes warm during winter and cold in the summer.

These are the major home roofing options you have to choose from. Contact any of the roofing companies London if you need to have more light shed on all the options that are available to you.


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