Amazing Activities for Making your Northern Lights trip a lot More Memorable

Are you considering going on an amazing Scandinavian Northern Lights trip? If yes, then you probably want your winter wonderland experience to be made even more special. There are several other optional additions you might want to consider taking part in. Together with viewing the incredible Aurora Borealis, which you can do in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland, there are unique activities are guaranteed to ensure that your holiday remains unforgettable.

These are some of the things you can do in Iceland…

Glacier hiking

This excursion is for people that love getting out there to explore on foot. Small trip groups set out to locate the glacial tongue called Seimajokull. While hiking across the glacial surface, you will discover yourself marveling at the beautiful ice ridges, formations, and even sinkholes. If you are keen, you have the opportunity of attempting some ice climbing on an ice wall (every necessary equipment for this is offered, but you must have the correct footwear so the crampons attach correctly).

Horse riding

For something that varies completely, a real exhilarating experience can be gotten from horse riding through the Icelandic wilderness. The purebred horses are descendants of the 9th century Viking breeds. Gentle, yet hardy and reliable, the lovely animals are excellent even for beginners desiring to climb the saddle. Even though they feature a small stature, it contradicts their innate power, and they are sufficiently strong to carry riders of all sizes and shapes. Opportunities vary greatly concerning where horseback experience will lead you during your Northern Lights trip. One route takes you around the lake to a black volcanic beach, where you might get the opportunity of seeing seals bathing on the beach’s shores. A somewhat longer horse ride gets you up to Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, which provides spectacular scenery and vivid views.

Whale watching

This excursion is among the most popular add-ons to include on your trip. You are taken out onto the ocean in a luxurious, warm boat to search for the magnificent mammals under an experienced crew’s care. Guides are available to answer questions and provide information. The guides involve guests in the examination (under a microscope that’s onboard) of specimens, which have been taken for such inspections from the ocean. It is a truly fascinating exercise as a couple treasures could be found in the ocean, including teeth and whalebones.

Lobster and lava

How about getting out onto the icy landscape on one among the organized Northern Lights tourist trips together with an exhilarating visit to the lava cave, followed after by a lobster for dinner? The evening is completely as fabulous as it sounds. The lava cave offers amazing natural formations produced after the last volcanic eruption. As you explore it by torchlight, the glittering crystal icicles in the cave dazzle in their brilliance. To round up your experience, you can revisit Reykjavik for a terrific meal of the mega city’s specialty, lobsters, in one among Iceland’s most trustworthy restaurants. If you get lucky, you might even view the Aurora dancing in the skies outside.

There are varying ways to make your Northern Lights holidays, if you choose to go to Iceland, even more special, and these mentioned three are just a glimpse of what is on offer in the magical nation, and they make for an excellent start. There are also great options in countries like Finland too.


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