Air-conditioning systems a comfort for our lives

With the arrival of the summer or winter season, air conditioners or heat pumps are respectively coming your way. Today many homes have chosen these conditioning systems as a solution to keep their homes as comfortable as possible, as they are simple and easy to install.

Air conditioning is the most complete process that exists. It consists of regulating the environmental conditions in terms of temperature, purity, and humidity, inside the house or premises to make the climate more comfortable. Most of these air conditioners in Auckland are centralized and self-contained units.

In the same way, the versatility of these appliances plus the family economy makes them the most economical and efficient way to enjoy summers at home.

What type of air conditioning in Auckland do you need or want?
There are many air conditioning equipment that differ in the way in which they generate cool air. The most common systems are the ducts, split type, air-to-air, among others.
The ones used in the home are window air conditioning (fixed). In commercial spaces generally, the split version is used which are 2 units. One that is inside the room or house and an outdoor unit, which is the fan convector.

When it comes to buying, it is important to know your needs as there are a variety of models, prices, and brands available in the entire market.

How do air conditioners work in Auckland?
They work thanks to the principle of thermal equilibrium, which means that if two bodies have different temperatures when they come into contact, the heat or energy from one of them will be transported to the other until both have the same temperature. That is, the bodies would be the air in the room (hot) and the refrigerant gas (cold), transported by tubes from the inside out and vice versa.
In this way, the air conditioners cause the gas and air to exchange temperatures. And all of this results in fresh air that expands throughout the room and the hot gas is directed outwards so that it cools down again and extracts more heat again.

Once the gas has absorbed the heat from the internal air, it is conducted to the outside by a compressor. And this last one exerts pressure on the hot gas, causing the gas to release energy and consequently cools down. But as that happens the condenser continues to release this energy, turning the gas into a liquid, which is the most heated component.

What about the cold liquid?
In any air conditioning system, the cold liquid is introduced into the interior through an expansion valve, which is designed to prevent the gas from ‘gasifying’ rapidly. Inside it, the liquid is transformed back into gas by the evaporator.

Nowadays, this technology helps to reduce the time needed to cool a place. Air conditioners are the best way to keep the right temperature in your office or home. Although a place can be cooled in several ways, it can’t compare to the comfort of an air-conditioning unit.


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