Scavenger hunt is a centuries old game and is still one of the most fun games for any gathering or party. The prime reason why this game is still so prevalent is that it can be adapted however you want it. You can add any new conditionality to the basic game. Just last year I hosted a Halloween party and used some Halloween scavenger hunt riddles to make the game according to the theme. It was the highlight of my party.

If you’re also planning to organise a scavenger hunt, here are some ideas to add a refreshing touch to the classic game :

1.Take Advantage of Meme Culture

There is no one in 21st century who does not enjoy memes. Memes have become the highlight of today’s pop culture. So, take advantage of this culture and add some meme references to your game. You can print them out and use them as clues to the next thing they have to collect or simply use their reference while creating riddles.

While Vine may be gone, it’ll always be in our hearts…. and our games. Refer to some ultra popular vines because they have the “power of god and anime” on their side.

2.Who Hasn’t Seen That Show?

No matter how busy they are, almost everyone manages to follow that one show like a cult. Even if they haven’t seen the entire show, social media is sure to give them a glimpse of the major plot points, characters and dialogues. This can play out very well in your favour while organising a scavenger hunt game. You can pick out dialogues and the participants have to go to the part of the house where it was said in the show for the next clue. For example, “They must have shrunk from the sweat. Or my legs expanded from the heat. I can’t get them back on, Joey.” (FRIENDS) should take the participants to the bathroom. You can also refer to the place as a question. For example, “Where did Rachel run away from to not marry Barry?” (FRIENDS)

3.Have You Visited Play Store Recently?

Everyone owns a smartphone and they’re filled with all kinds of apps. There’s an app for literally everything. So add that to your scavenger hunt riddles for a challenging and fun game for adults. You can divide the game into 2 parts. For the first part, print the logo of the app and the participants have to name the app. How many they answer correctly will decide how many minutes they get to complete the clue or item collection part.

4.Are You A literature Aficionado?

If you and your friends are bibliophiles, then this is the perfect little twist to the scavenger hunt game. Pick out the books that you all have read and direct the participants towards the clue spot using quotes and places from these books. Another way is to use the plot of the story. DIvide players into teams of two. One has to do the collection work while the other earns them extra time. Name the book, pick a character and ask the participants which country their story is based in. The right answer wins the team one extra minute.

It may seem a little difficult to organise the game especially with making riddles and inviting friends and other little details. But there are online sources to help you out. I usually use this source to neatly organise a scavenger hunt. So the next time you’re hosting a party or having a family gathering, make it a little more fun with a personalised scavenger hunt game.

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