A complete guide for concrete floors for homeowners

Polished concrete floors NZ are minimalist and sleek. Nowadays, there are many things you can do to a concrete floor to change its look. You can polish it or apply a coating to enhance the durability and appearance. Concrete is the most versatile type of flooring on the market currently.

Advantages of concrete
Concrete just looks awesome and can make places to look bigger. A polished concrete floor makes the room look brighter. It is super easy to clean a polished concrete floor if there are no crevices and cracks. This reduces the cost of maintenance. Concrete doesn’t have any side effects such as causing allergic reactions. This makes it suitable for people suffering from asthma or people with allergic reactions. Polished concrete repels dust and this makes it difficult for the floor to get dirty.

Polished concrete is tough. This means that you can walk in heels on the floor or even pull trolleys on the floor without damaging it. This is why polished concrete is popular in places with high levels of human traffic. Concrete is less affected by spills compared to other types of flooring such as wood. Carpet or wood tend to fade due to high traffic. Polished concrete doesn’t behave this way. It is also possible and easy to personalise concrete by hiring a polishing concrete Company.

Disadvantages of concrete
The disadvantages are not many but everything that has advantages happens to also have disadvantages. The first disadvantage that most people will recognize first is the comfort. Polished concrete is not as comfortable under-feet as carpet. It is very cold and this is why people prefer placing a carpet on top of the floor in places where they have to step on the floor for long periods such as in the office.

Concrete floors get very chilly during winter. It is, therefore, a must to wear socks or slippers to avoid freezing your feet. If the concrete floor is not laid properly, it may crack. The concrete also may eventually crack due to old age, but not for a very long time.

Installing a concrete floor might seem cheap but the professional preparation involved makes it costly. It will even be more expensive if you want to have it decorated.

Flooring methods
There are different methods of concrete flooring. Here are some of them.

Steel trowelled
This is perfect for your run-off-the-mill floor. There may be marks on the finished floor if your trowel guy is not good enough.

This takes the steel trowel method although it kicks up a notch. A topcoat is applied after the floor has set to achieve a shiny appearance. Liquid polishes or resin coatings may be used.

The honed concrete floors are very smooth. The floor should be sanded to achieve durable results. The concrete is ground down to a smooth finish.

Concrete finishes
Polished concrete floors NZ can be of different finishes. Some of the finishes include stained concrete, salt and pepper finish, deep polish, coloured concrete, distressed concrete and many more. The finish depends on the preferences of the homeowner and the budget.

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