7 Ways to Cure a Reverse Culture Shock

Studying abroad can come with a wide range of experiences including when one goes through the phase of a culture shock. Culture shocks can come off as both weird and fascinating at the same time. Eventually we begin to adapt to our new surroundings and start to develop some new interests.

The problem is that when it’s time to return to our own home country, it’s a culture shock all over again. It’s as if we’re strangers to the place where we grew up in. Getting readjusted is not going to be an easy process, but with the right strategies, anything is possible.

1.Give yourself space and time

It will be hard when it comes to missing all the new friends you’ve made during your studies abroad and the experiences that came about and get help with essay writers. It is like getting homesick all over again, only this time of your once new home. You may even start to feel jet lag from your travels.

Therefore, the strongest solution would be to give yourself days, maybe even weeks to get in touch with your home state again.

2.Prepare yourself for your last moments

You know that you don’t have long before you go back to your home state, so the best thing to do would be to enjoy the rest of your last days with your foreign friends before you depart. Take pictures with them, go to popular locations and share as many meals as you possibly can.

You may also want to document this moment for when you want to reminisce it for later.

3.Share your experiences

Many of the memories that you have made at your “second home” are still buzzing around in your head and you can’t wait to share them with your folks. Talking about your experiences can help you feel at ease knowing that there are other people who know how much fun you had abroad.

However, there may be some in your family circle, like maybe your parents, who just don’t feel that stoked about your travels as you did.

4.Make a blog about it

Another way to get people in on all the fun that you’ve had is to share it on your blog site. Put up all of the pictures, videos of your travels and see what others think about it. Since most of them know what it’s like to travel, your blog will generate a strong following.

As long as you put up the most interesting content with the most amazing things to do.

5.Keep the style

Filling up the whole in your heart maybe harder than you think, but then who says you can’t maintain some of the things that clicked you the most? From the amazing sporting activities to the style of clothes that they wear and the food that they eat, you can still have it all.

Look for recipe books that include the same dishes you love at your second home. You may even find some shop that supply the same kind of clothes on your travels.

6.Get in touch with your foreign friends

It’s a good thing this is the age of the internet, or else getting in touch with your new friends might not have been so easy. Facebook and Twitter have already made it clear how easy it is to hook up with people, so why not use that? You probably already know their social media and email accounts anyway.

So the only thing left to do is to get in touch with them online.

7.Always stay positive

You know that you’re going to have to move on with your life sooner or later. Moping about the days gone by will not help you cope up with it any better. Therefore, the only thing that you can do, is to move on with life and look for the future.


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