7 Oils and Vinegars that Give Distinct Flavor to Indian Dishes

Many people who are not aware of what an Indian food can offer to you and how it is prepared complain about it being too oily and can produce belly fat unlike any other food. This notion is not true as oil is used in every country in the world to cook food. However, the quantity used varies according to the weather and type of food they use. The right kind of oil and the use of other ingredients like vinegar can make a simple dish very delicious and also healthy too.

In this blog, I will try to offer you how restaurants around the world use different oils to cook various foods and why indian family restaurants in st.kitts offer their customers food cooked in oils according to the type of cuisine. It is a big deal as people go to eat outside look for a healthy diet as this eating practice in restaurants is generally considered unhealthy. So without wasting any further, let’s get down to business.

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil has a much stronger flavor than other oils and that’s not the only reason why it is used. This is great for cooking dishes having a Mediterranean touch to it and also cooking vegetables, a very important ingredient for Indian dishes. It is also used for dressing as it loses flavor when heated. Olive oil has low smoke point so are not suitable for cooking with fierce heat. That’s why it is not usually used in Barbeque and stir-frying.

2. Peanut Oil

Unlike olive oil, peanut oil is perfect for stir-frying as it has a high smoke point which is important when frying over high heat. It is very mild in flavor and hence don’t interfere with the other flavors in any dish. That’s one reason for its insane popularity over the last few years especially in use for stir-frying.

3. Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is rich in flavor boasting of roasted-sesame and the perfect oil for marinades, rubs and dressings. It is similar to the peanut oil as it can easily be added at the end of a stir-fry.

4. Sunflower Oil

It has a high smoke point and very mild flavor. It is also easily available in the Indian subcontinent and among the cheapest oil available for cooking. That’s why it is used extensively in India to cook food regardless of metros or the rural areas. As it’s cheaper worldwide, it is also used in the Caribbean region too and cooking Indian foods in it be many restaurants is the norm.

5. Balsamic Vinegar

This classic Italian sweet vinegar is great for roasts and stir-fries.

6. Cider Vinegar

It is a versatile vinegar. It is not too tart and it works just fine as the substitute for rice wine vinegar if you can’t find it easily.

7. Red Wine Vinegar

It has a lovely flavor and that’s its specialty. There are many vinegars which are really sharp tasted but this one is fine and that’s the reason it is perfect to use in cooking and as a base for salad dressings.
Final Word

The use of oil and vinegar can drastically change the taste and aroma of it. As India food is known for its distinct aroma, I am sure you don’t want to ruin it if you are fond of cooking it. And if you are not a good cook, now you know what’s the secret of exquisite food offering by the Indian restaurants in the Caribbean region.
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