6 Different Types of Mechanics Employed in an Auto Repair Shop

Auto mechanics choose from a number of different career paths depending on their education and expertise. The major difference between the natures of job is mechanics who repair mechanical and electrical parts of a vehicle, and others who repair the body parts. Mechanics are either employed in dealer workshops or in an independently owned businesses, whereas, experienced technicians also tend to open their own auto business. Let’s see the different types of mechanics that can be employed in an auto repair shop.

Service Technicians

As the name indicates, service technician performs routine service works for cars and vans, for instance, checking the fluid and oil levels, and replacing them with the manufacturer’s recommendations if needed. They check if major mechanical and electrical components are rightly aligned with the service schedules. Professionals also check if the ignition and fuel systems are safely operational ensuring the performance and reliability of fuel efficiency. Diagnosis and repairing of issues are done such as of ineffective engine starting, abnormally high fuel consumption, etc.

Diagnostic Technicians

Jobs responsibilities of a diagnostic technician typically overlaps with those of a service technician. These individuals use special tools to catch and treat problems of electrical, ignition, and engine management systems. Diagnostic technicians increasingly get on a high demand in workshops as more complicated vehicles’ systems are brought in.

Transmission and Brake Technicians

These technicians are employed when a further specialized work is needed for specifically brake and transmission problems. A brake technician ensures the braking and related electrical systems are well-equipped and working, whereas, transmission experts ensure the efficiency of steering components is maintained. These professionals are also expected to have practical knowledge of electronics systems that control special components, such as four-wheel drive vehicle.

Car Inspectors

Inspectors are normally experienced technicians that inspects the vehicles’ safety and emissions. They inspect relevant components to ensure their workability aligns with state’s legislation. Parts are checked if essentials repair are needed and if they are performing within the required standards.

Body Repair Experts

Again as the name suggests, a body repair technician is responsible in replacing the worn-out body parts like panels, headlights, etc. This work is crucial in order to avoid wear and tear or accident. In case of an extensive component damage, the technician economically suggests whether a repair is needed or a complete replacement. They also work in clearing minor scratches and dents.

Vehicle Refinishers

A body repair specialist may also enhance his skill set by adding refinishing techniques to his arsenal. Refinishers may normally work in spray areas, refinishing extensive areas of damage, or spraying an old car to refresh its appearance.

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