5 Types of Wedding Venues You Can Choose For Your Special Day

Choosing venue is one of the significant and difficult decisions of weddings. Considering your budget and needs, it’s much challenging to book a suitable wedding venue. What makes this process more complicated is when you have no idea which type of venue would serve you best. To resolve brides’ confusions regarding venue selection, here are some most popular types of wedding venues with prominent characteristics.

1. Hotels
There are many hotels with ballrooms and wedding halls in addition to bedrooms and lavish suites. This venue type is perfect for those who need to accommodate their foreigner guests coming solely to attend the wedding. To enjoy a modern and glamorous décor with on-site catering facility, you should prefer this venue type. It’s also best if your wedding is going to last a few days as you can simply book rooms for stay and hall for conducting functions at one place and avoid all hustle and bustle.

2. Wedding Halls
This type is quite similar to hotels but the only difference is that there are no rooms to book for stay in wedding halls. Apart from that, wedding halls also offer all-inclusive events. From decorations to catering to music, everything comes in a single package. All wedding halls come with different capacities hence before booking one, consider the accommodation limit. When you want everything to go smoothly but lavishly, wedding halls are a good choice.

3. Barns
Barns are simply dream like venues for rustic brides who love the countryside view for many reasons. For a southern and vintage style, barns can be a fabulous choice as you can spice their natural look with a little rustic décor. Barns offer off-the-beaten-path celebrations with the touch of pure natural environment. Whether you want it to be an outdoor wedding or an indoor event, barns can be used to do it all creatively.

4. Estate Venues
The big castles and grand houses with miles and miles of green lawns, vibrant gardens, attractive picturesque views and historic architecture are truly gorgeous places to tie the knot of love. From rustic exterior to modern interior, these estate venues come with unbeatable features and offer couples to enjoy an unforgettable wedding event. If you want your wedding venue to feature a perfect blend of history, modernity, and royalty, grand estate venues are best to go with!

5. Backyard
The last venue type is the backyard of your home-sweet-home. Those who are dying to DIY to stun everybody with their creativity skills can turn their backyard into a perfect wedding venue. Home backyard weddings allow couples to have a small, family-oriented events inexpensively. But yes, if you are using your backyard as wedding venue, you will need to hire catering services separately to serve your guests.

Weddings are beautiful events that must take place at flawless venues to make people’s big day special and memorable. Check out these venue types to choose the one that suits your preferences the most.


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