5 Tips to Help Make a Killer Marketing Video


The appropriate way to make a killer marketing video is by investing in its script, marketing is all about persuasive language and techniques to capture the attention of the other person.

Making a video is no longer a matter of contention. Technology and online sites has played a great role in teaching almost dummies to make a video. What does really matter is that one fully understands why is he making a video?

  • What product features it caters, are those beneficial to its audience, is it any different from its competitors. If it does not feature something new, it is highly likely that not many people would like to watch it.
  • Another important point is how are you going to present it to your audience, does it cover their concerns, then solve their problems, all of this needs to be in precise form, so one should be very careful about the sequence of its video.

Powerful script

If a script is powerful then it becomes easier to win your consumers heart. The language of the script should be simple and catchy, use phrases which will attract your audience, if its quality you are marketing- repetitively show quality, if price, then that is what should be shown in bold.

Targeted audience

  • Clarify who your audience is? Are they young or old? Working or non working? Teenagers or kids? All these questions will help you in deciding what type of content should be included in your video.
  • After deciding your audience, the next step is to decide what will attract your targeted audience. For example if they are young, they would prefer to watch something dazzling, more colorful, rather than a plain and well mannered.
  • Decide whether you want your video to contain people, sketches, cartoons, or plain text.

Short and timely

  • Due to a variety of videos already available over the internet, there is a high competition, and user can choose to watch what really attracts them, a video should be short, preferably not more than 2 minutes.
  • A short video should cover all of its content’s, there is no point in downsizing it, if it is not clear on what it is trying to illustrate. For example if you are marketing a toy, then include a small 10 second video of its manufacturing unit,- this shows its user if its eco-friendly and does not harm animals. Include its features, why it will attract your child, how it will help your child’s development. Also include its price and value for money benefits, so that the user watches the whole video and at the end, fulfills the purpose of the video- he goes to the market and buy the product.
  • A very important point is that the video should be digestible, unreal things are kept to a minimum, not much drama is shown if it is a story based technique, you are showing, to market your product.

Easily accessible

  • Make sure the video does not contain small irrelevant ads.
  • It is SEO friendly.
  • It doesn’t require unnecessary wrangle, like the need to download a flash player, etc.


Author Bio:

The author of this guest article is Stella Jack. She is a graduate in mass communications from Columbia University in Video Animation and she offers explainer video pricing services along with excellent quality. You can also follow her at different social networks Facebook, Twitter and G+.


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