5 Motivational Songs To Get You Pumped In 2018

No matter what phase of life you might be going through, you can always depend on music to infuse some motivation into your soul. With the right kind of music at your disposal, you can reach the pinnacle of your productivity. So as to make it easy for you to maintain razor-sharp focus and to feel happy inside and outside, we have compiled a list a top 5 motivational songs of 2018.

  1. Far Away- John Mpamei

Far Away- John Mpamei

The evergreen motivational song has the right amount of energy in it to uplift your mood, no matter how gloomy it might be. The background instruments will still give you goosebumps, long after you have listened to the song.

  1. Hai Dua- Daksh

Hai Dua- Daksh

This motivational song is a creation beyond excellence. The lyrics are full of emotions and passion. This song is a perfect composition to fill you up with energy just before you have to carry out an important task. Don’t miss this one.

  1. LIFESONG- Minute of Decay

LIFESONG- Minute of Decay

This song will work wonder for you on a day when nothing seems to be going right for you. It has the perfect combination of lyrics and soothing background music.

  1. Sunday- Avora Records

Sunday- Avora Records

The big daddy of all inspiring songs, this will pump some serious motivation and make you ever so productive. Marvin Gaye has been a timeless artist, churning out one classic song after other and this one is no different. The soothing yet powerful voice and the adrenaline filled background score are enough to lift up your spirits.

  1. Manzil- MeGH

The song reflects the attitude of this millennium generation, raw yet tender. The song has a fantastic amalgamation of great beats, background instruments, and meaningful lyrics. You won’t be able to stop yourself from listening to this song on loop. This track will fathom some serious power into you. A must listen.

Music will always empower you and help you sail through tough times. Give the tracks mentioned here a listen and see your attitude and mental state changing for the better.

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