5 brilliant reasons to purchase the “king of beds”, Poster beds

Poster beds, also known as ‘king of beds’ or ‘beds of the king’ are often associated with splendour and luxury, it is because of its unique structure.
The four poster beds as the name speak for itself is a bed with four vertical posts or column, one at each corner. The poster bed originated in the 16th century, and since then they have been ruling the hearts of many homeowners.
The poster bed is the oomph factor of a bedroom that stands out magnificently no matter how much drama is going on around it.
If you are looking for something that would enhance your bedroom with minimal effort then, why wait?
Purchase the poster beds from online furniture stores where you will come across the different sizes like twin, king, queen etc. And select the four poster beds made of solid wood such as sheesham, mango, teak, etc. having varieties of finishes like honey, teak, walnut and much more.

These also come with or without storage or headboards and footboards, so select it according to your Be it traditional, modern or contemporary interior decor; poster beds creates a smooth and elegant focal point in the bedroom.
Traditional solid wood poster beds are royal with intricate carving and curves which makes these suitable for homeowners who are planning to give an antique look their abode.

Let’s find out how these fantastic four posters enhance the look and feel of your bedroom:
1. The luxurious factors of poster beds:
Why do you think these beds have been used in 5-star posh hotels and luxurious honeymoon suites? What makes the poster beds look so irresistibly elegant?
Let us find out:

  • Size of the bed: Typically, a four poster bed is more significant in size than a regular standard bed. Thus making it the key factor responsible for the lush appeal of this piece of furniture.
  • The significant size of these bed makes the person sleeping over it feel like a king or a queen.
  • Makes you feel secure: The size and unique structure of a four-poster bed that covers it from every phase make you feel safe and secure, and due to the grand size you have enough space to stretch out during sleep.
  • The myriad of designs: Despite its grand size these prestigious kings of beds comes in a plethora of designs, shapes and styles. These are available in various solid structures, and you can even use the ‘made to order’ service to find the perfect fit for your current decor of the bedroom.

Four Poster Beds With Storage

2. The various types of poster beds:

  • Traditional Four Poster Bed: these types of beds have a structure which includes four posters at the corners which are then connected to a top panel frame known as the roof or a tester.
  • Canopy Poster Bed: They are another kind of poster bed which has four pillars on each corner with a designer piece of cloth hung from the sides and the top and pleated beautifully, which gives a gorgeous, spell-binding look to the decor.
  • Pencil Bed: These are similar to traditional four-poster beds, but the posts are much thinner and rounded.
  • Half Tester Beds: This kind of poster beds have pillars or post that are lower at the foot of the bed and higher on the head side.
  • 3. Can be used in smaller rooms:
    Are you wondering whether it would fit in your regular standard sized bedroom? Then relax!! As this type of bed can be efficiently incorporated into your room if you utilise the floor space correctly. Just, remember that you don’t stack up the room with additional accessories and extra furniture units.

    latest poster bed designs

    4. The utmost comfort:
    These poster beds with storage provide maximum satisfaction in terms of storage place as well as sufficient sleeping space. As mentioned before this bed are significantly bigger than normal beds, one can sleep comfortably over it like a baby.
    5. Prevent the unwanted lights:
    Are you sensitive to lights while sleeping? Then these beds are perfect for you as these will stop the light from ruining your sleep! As there are curtains hung around it, you get complete privacy and comfort.

    Conclusion: Poster beds will always remain on the top of the list of luxury furniture units. But don’t just opt for the appearance, look for the best quality solid wood four poster beds online which provides the required durability and longevity.


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