5 Brake Problems Car Owners Should Know

Being amongst the most crucial components of your vehicle, brakes may cause the most problems. It can be really difficult for you to deal with the problems in brake system if you do not know the exact reasons. As we all know, the braking system is constantly used while driving. Perhaps that’s the reason why it suffers from wear and tear. In that case, we have come up with 5 most common brake problems so that you can identify before having a mechanic replaced it. So let’s dive in

No resistance on The Pedal

Have you ever experienced your brakes feeling soft and spongy? It means that your pedal has barely any resistance when engaged. If you don’t push too much and the pedal sinks right down, it’s the sign that the brake system is leaked. It can be hazardous and increase your risk of having a road accident. So just get the brake fluid levels checked. In case there’s nothing wrong with the brake fluid levels, it may be an internal issue then. Take your car to the mechanic and let the expert look after this.

Vehicle Pulling to One Side

In case you notice that your car is pulling to either side when braking, it indicates many problems such as; it can be due to a frozen caliper. A caliper is a mechanism on a disc brake that’s meant to squeeze two pads against a rotor, due to which it creates friction and the speed reduces. But it can stick due to rust and corrosion that results into uneven pressure on the pads and car pull to one side. In that case, you are supposed to clean and lubricate the caliper mechanism using a special maintenance kit.

Vibration in the Steering Wheel

Drivers sometimes experience is the steering wheel vibrating when the brakes are applied. There are many reasons behind this such as; irregularities on the rotors, warped front rotors and problems with the pad impressions etc. If there’s a vibration, the problem is most likely from the front of your car. In that case, just get your rotors resurfaced. If the rotors aren’t thick enough to be resurfaced, it’s time to have them replaced.

Unusual Noise from the Brakes

Normally, there should be minimal or no noise when the brakes are used. But sometimes, you may notice a squeaking and groaning sound when pushing on a pedal. In that case, it’s better not to do experiments from your side if you aren’t an expert and take your car to the professional mechanic. There might be a problem with the adjustment; mechanic will do it right away if the problem is not severe.

Pulsing Up and Down When Braking

While applying, the brake pedal might pulse up and down. In that case, there might be a problem with rotors being out or warped. As the time passes, the rotor goes through cooling and heating process that makes it lose its real shape. No matter how much car tyre prices you paid the last time you bought the new set, such braking condition will also affect the durability of your expensive tires too. So just take your car to some professional and get it fixed as soon as possible before it gets severe.


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