4 Types of Tools and Equipment a Dentist Uses

Dentists are required to complete their graduation from an accredited dental school. Although admission policies may vary from state to state, but most mandates dentists to earn a bachelor’s degree first. After the degree completion, the dentists can acquire further training of around one to two year in order to gain specialization in a particular area. It is during the education tenure, students learn different dental tools and equipment and their proper handling.

  1. X-ray machines

Dentists are extensively trained in how to use x-ray machines for dental purposes. For instance, panoramic machines are used to take complete images of a patient’s mouth, whereas, an intraoral machine is used to capture the image of a single tooth at a time. Dental lasers are used for teeth whitening, and in some cases as a replacement of drilling. Dentists also learn how to use autoclave which is used for sterilizing tools.

  1. Tools

Dentists use different types of both power and manual tools. Tools like dental mirrors allow dentists to see the backs of teeth and also those which are normally hidden by checks. Probes are used to inspect suspicious teeth and to remove debris. Files and rasps are used to perform root canals procedures and smooth bones. Forceps are used to hold teeth through the extraction procedure. Scalars remove tartar and plaque.

  1. Prosthetic equipment

The general dentistry as well as some specific practice such as prosthodontics require the repair of damaged teeth by using crowns and the replacement of missing teeth. Dentists use a variety of tools to create near perfect impressions so the substitutes are fit as per the exact tooth size. Impression trays allows the creation of templates for crowns and bridges. Crown pullers helps in pulling out cemented crowns and caps. Wax knives are sometimes used to carve out models.

  1. Other equipment

This profession is associated with extreme hygiene care for both the dentist and patient. So dentists have disposable gloves and also wear masks and safety glasses at all times. Dentists who need to utilize nitrous oxide (also termed as laughing gas), must know how to use masks through which the gas is transmitted. Dentists acknowledges the materials used for fillings and how to secure crowns by mixing cements. Rubber dams are normally utilized to separate out the tooth that needs to be operated. Pluggers and tips assist in accurately placing cement or pack the root canal. Suturing equipment and scissors are used to remove stiches. Computer technology can also be employed that sends a small camera inside the mouth which then captures teeth images and displays them on screen.

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