3 Practical Ways To Overcome The Habit Of Procrastinating!

There comes a time in every student’s life when they keep putting off important tasks. For example, they may have a deadline or exam coming, a truly want to excel. However, they can’t seem to settle down to work.

This phenomenon is not always related to lack of motivation. The student may be motivated enough, but simply have a bad habit of doing things later. However, when they have very little time left, they panic and regret the time they wasted.

In order to prevent these regrets, below are a few practical ways you can adopt to stop procrastinating:

  1. Do Away With Procrastination Triggers

If no amount of routine or environment changes can stop you from procrastinating, take a good look at the culprits. It’s not just you, it’s everything around you. Your phone, laptop, and uninterrupted Internet might be the reason you’re not getting anything done.

In order to do away with these distractions, one has to be a bit brutal. You might have to delete some social media accounts, or at least deactivate them. Similarly, you may want to turn off your phone and put it away until you can get some work done.

You may not be able to switch off the Internet, as you need it for research and online assignment help. However, feel free do your research, but then go and turn the router off. You can then start writing without the notifications and temptations.

  1. Break It Up

Your procrastinating may be your brain’s way of being overwhelmed. You may have a huge task in front of you, such as writing a dissertation. This can be a scary milestone for a lot of undergrads and graduate students.

One solution here is to break up your work into smaller chunks. For example, if you haven’t even chosen a dissertation topic yet, focus on that first. Write down just what you need to get done, and then go in chronological order. Choose your topic, get it approved, make your outline, and then start writing.

If breaking things down once doesn’t work, make the task smaller. Make it so simple that you could do it sitting right there. For instance, you could pick up your smartphone and start Googling your subject in the hopes of finding a suitable topic.

  1. Make Some Changes

If your dorm room isn’t doing anything to inspire you, get out of there. Maybe the fresh air on campus would refresh your mind and get you raring to go. Science has proved over and over again that our environment has an effect on our mind.

If the library got you into study mode before, it might do so again. Trying reserving a study desk there and keep your study materials in one neat and tidy place. However, if the library doesn’t cut it for you anymore, change things up. Go to a friend’s place or even a local café. A nice, bright atmosphere might just perk you up and get your creative juices flowing.


Procrastination is a part of every student’s life. However, doing away with time-wasting activities is certainly possible. All it takes is a bit of willpower and visualization. Think of how satisfied you would be when all that work is behind you!

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