3 Inspirational ideas from Practical Education

Practical education is something, which open the doors of experiences and knowledge in a wide variety. The experiences gain from us helps to achieve many things in life. Long-lasting knowledge can be gain by experiences only. However, knowledge comprises with many types and it occupies different ways for acquiring each kind. The type of education is theoretical and practical. Both types are important in our life. However, practical education makes you experiences person.

Theoretical education

I have the experience of both practical and theoretical education. I found knowledge from theoretical education and experience for spending life is from practical education. Once upon when I went for an internship program, I remember that knowledge, which I acquire, is only knowledge of subject. I was not aware by the habits of people living in the world and I do not know how to tackle situations in life. Theoretical education teaches you the way to use techniques and formulae on work. It shows you clean side of everything. Same things happen with me. I do not know how to set strategies on your work. My main concerns were to focus only on acquiring education not on gaining experiences for life and prepare theory to set direction for papers. Through my education, I worked hard to maintain and clear concepts regarding any topic or subject.

Practical Education:

practical education helps to gains specific technique that becomes important in your life. I learn many thongs from practical education. When I start internships programs, I got many experiences from practical education. I was not aware how to tackle situation and difficult times in life. There I found a teacher who guides me. She used to tell me that having theoretical education is good but you should also know practical happenings in life. You should how to maintain strength in difficult times. Theoretical knowledge comes only in study period but acquiring practical education always works in your life. I then recognize that I cannot any book, which gives me practical education. it sites closer to your actual day to day life. I find that theoretical education teaches ideals of vacuum but practical education enables us to face the reality of life.

For getting inspiration from practical education, follow these steps

  1. It improves position in society
    Practical knowledge often leads to create better understandings of society and boost deeper concept through the act of doing personal experiences. However, both of them are important. When one gives you qualitative study approach and the other teaches how to tackle situations in life. The results can be carried out best in life through practical knowledge. Money may not bring satisfaction in life. The prestige earn only because of education. Women were treated like slaved because of having no education but they are so sharp and ready to face all circumstances in life because they acquire practical knowledge in their life.
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  3. Motivates you to deal with real life situations.
    Learning about the facts and theories not going to useful in your life until you do not acquire the ability to face them. When I was in primary school, I wonder what is the use of solving Sine Theta square plus square of Cosine theta, which equals to one. However, when I get to know its applications then I realized that trigonometry holds importance in its problems. So the same things  happens in life, until and unless you apply your theoretical education on practical education or on real life experiences  you cannot hold anything and keep on wondering for that specific happening.
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  5. Inspire to think rational
    Believing in real world is considered as an important factor to live happy life. By practical education, we can build reasons to believe on certain things along with hidden logics. Practical education is more interactive as it does not involve believing on anything without having any proper reason. For instance, by seeing the condition of crops a farmer can recognize when the soil will fertile and can analyze when crops are going to grow that is just because of experiences, which is gain by practical and idealistic approach. However, some difficulties of life can be solved only by practical education.

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