Building & Construction Management Assignment Help By Experts

Building and construction management assignment help has now become the most important service in the field of academic. It has become so important because of the issues that are faced by the students at the time of writing assignments. The problems may be like lack of language proficiency, lack of knowledge, formatting the assignment, lack of confidence, and more. Students who encounter such problems can avail the building and construction management assignment help at a reasonable price.

Such services are easily available over the internet for the students who need assignment help. There are various firms offering help to students at different stages, some of them are mentioned above. Apart from this, there are few other reasons to avail building and construction management assignment help such as English as a second language, lack of subject knowledge, not having knowledge of reference style etc.

Topics Covered Under Building and Construction Management Assignment Help

To prepare building and constructions management assignment, it is important to have knowledge about the topics and subject units covered in this study. Few of the topics are mentioned below by online assignment help experts:

Project planning and scheduling processes Project cost and its control
Blueprints Safety Procedures
Residential and Commercial Buildings Building Codes
Mechanical and Electrical Systems Specs and Construction Drawing

In order to write assignments on these topics students are required to have a clear understanding of the following:

  • In-depth knowledge about the principal methods of construction
  • Knowledge of the materials used for construction and interiors
  • Clear understanding about the assimilation of systems and elements used in building & constructions
  • Well-versed with the basics of cost estimation and quantity surveying methods.

Skills Developed with Building and Construction Management Study

Students who are studying building and construction management courses come across different challenges. Some of them are given below:

Undefined Goals: The biggest issue that a student face in building and construction management assignment is to define the goals. Sometimes, in your assignment, you can be asked to create a hypothesis of what stakeholders want etc. The building and construction management experts are the one who can answer such type of questions because they are highly qualified and possess industrial experience as well.

Risk Management: While writing building and construction assignments, risk management is an important term. Students are required to analyse the risk that can get faced in preparing construction management assignments.

Unrealistic Expectations: In real life scenarios, the stakeholders always comes with unrealistic expectations. It can be related to a deadline or lack of resources. Same issues are also faced at the time of writing assignments where students are required to find the solutions to overcome such issues.

What Do We offer In Our Building and Construction Management Assignment Help?

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Benefits of availing building and constructions management assignment help services

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  • Partial payment option

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Working knowledge of Management studies

The modern case dilemmas are the learning experiences. It can be gained from enriching MBA case studies. The MBA case studies are based on some of the real life practical company experiences. There has been a significant instance, which has allowed the students to develop a gainful experience simply by complying with the practical MBA case studies. This is similar too to the everyday learning applied in the workplace situation. Below are some of the case studies, which would allow the students to learn and gain practical insights.

Workplace Drug Abuse

We hear about the drugs abuse cases, but what about the workplace drugs abuse cases. This case study surrounds on the problems such as the workplace drugs abuse which can pose ethical dilemmas for any employer. It covers the alcohol and drug problems within the workplace situation. Workplace drugs abuse has been a recent part of modern studies. It applies to the protocol conduct of the employer-employee relationship within the workplace. It strictly bans employees to indulge in an alcohol or a drug abuse cases. This code of conducts is an obligation to ensure safety for all the workers. The code allows preventive and remedial measures which can allow a cordial mutual interest within the workers and employer. As a thumb rule, the worker’s health and his well-being can allow to tackle restriction with respect to individual freedom. It covers the employer actions related to quality and productivity making an ineffective approach of the unwarranted invasion of privacy.

When Starbucks had to shut outlets

The case study discusses the business and the impact of the financial meltdown. It discusses the case of big brands like Starbucks who were able to pull out their business during the global turbulence in 2008. Looked upon as the “Best Business”, “Most Admired Company” and the most loved brand and getting appreciating awards such as “100 Best Corporate Citizens”, still during the global meltdown, the Starbucks were unable to survive. It lead to closure of units and operations globally. Even with competitive pricing offered to customers, it was unable to survive during the 2008 global meltdown. It resulted in forcing of shut down operations of at least 600 shops, leading to falling profit by 28% and consequently layoffs of at least 6700 employees. The case study is an interesting example as it considers the Starbucks business strategy and how it was able to revive up its business

Tylenol’s 1982 Scandal

During 1982, there has been a scandalous case wherein there were a series of deaths on account of drug tampering. It resulted in slow poisoning deaths as the drug was freely available within the Chicago metropolitan. The case study examines the victim’s deaths on account of drug tampering of Tylenol-branded acetaminophen capsules causing deaths due to potassium cyanide.

Tesco’s Korean Venture

Tesco is one of the competitive supermarket brands which borne excessive business losses and shutdown operations while venturing into the South Korea.
Even after joint venturing with domestic companies, still Tesco was unable to channelize the market into a bankable opportunity. The brand Tesco launched its Homeplus store within South Korea. It was an innovative blend of the “cultural center” that can deliver lessons in cooking in any language. Even though it was a foreign supermarket, it still became successful within the South Korean market gaining competitive sales position. But, still it experienced significant losses due to pre-tax issues. It subsequently lead to selling of its home brand operation to domestic and foreign brands such as MBK Partners. The deal is only estimated to be at $6bn. It is considered to be the biggest homebound strategy through which the company is able to revive up its loss.

Supply Chain Disruption: In 2000, a fire at the Philips microchip plant affected telephone manufacturers Nokia And Ericsson.

This case study is about the reactive supply chain management. It particularly discusses avout the leading brands such as the Nokia and Ericcson, which were caught in the supply chain disruption. This happened in 2000 that eventually caused disruption of the supply within the Nokia and Ericsson due to the Philips microchip plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico getting fire. Gradually it resulted in the companies having a different type of approach with respect to the incident. Both Nokia and Erickson took different approaches to handle supply chain situation ethically. The incident had a different repercussion effect on both the companies, while the Nokia Company was able to survive by putting in the different type of strategy and approaches, but the other company Erickson, it leads to severe losses. The Swedish born Erickson Company was not able to survive and resulted in exiting out of the market.

Woolsworth case study

The case study is strategically applied to the growing case of the Woolworth brand. It opened as a small store within Australia and gradually it became a global leader. It has not only to give a threat and a tough competition to the national brands but also to the world competitive supermarkets and stores. This is due to the fact, Woolsworth has a market strategy mix of blending the domestic taste with the international presence. It has advanced technology, which allows consumers to have a valuable experience.