Writing effective title tags for SEO

These days writing effective title tag is an important step in SEO because these title tags are the main attention grabbers, which will convince your target audience to visit your page and find more information about you. So title tags should be carefully written because this will make the first impression about you.

Title Tag

Title Tag is the main heading of your website that appears on the top most part of your browser and appears as the first information about the website in bold blue color on the Google search engine before the web address. A customer decides whether your website is worth visiting or not, after reading it.

Even Google ranks your website for a certain keyword after checking if your tagline matches the keyword along with the content in your page, this makes it an important part of Search Engine Optimization. This gives information about your page like what is your page about.


Ways to write effective title tags


1: Follow Google advice of 50 to 60 Characters


Whenever a user types a keyword so a user is shown only around 50 to 60 characters in the title tag. Hence, it is better for one to write a title tag around 50 to 60 characters because the title tag of this length will tell user most important thing about your company from which, they will know what your company does and what it’s about. This information would be enough for their decision-making process.

2: Select the right keyword

Choosing the keyword in your title tag is very important process, it has become a known practice that keyword in your title tag should meet the keyword that customer will type to search similar thing because when your title tag keyword and customer keyword matches so your page is ranked higher in the Google search engine and generates more audience. However, your title tag keyword should match your business offering otherwise your page bounce rate will start to climb and your page ranking will fall because of it.


To see which keyword is better suited for your website or to get the idea of the keyword, you can use keyword research tools.   If you want to add more than one keyword then it is better to put your most important keyword in the start. To separate two keywords always use pipes (|).

3: Do not forget the name of your company.

A user wants to know the name of the company before visiting your website because it gives them the trust factor so putting a name of your company on title tag is a must thing. Where you should put it depends on your brand name if your brand name is the most powerful convincing factor then use it at the start otherwise use it at the end.

4: Use different title tags for different pages

Since companies have the range of products from different categories, which have the separate page for them so it is quite understandable that the title tag of every page should meet the category of the page. A user will not like to visit food page when he searched for drinks and expected to land on the drinks page.


As a social media marketing manager at Custom Essay Writing Service in Dubai, with the help of the right title tag, you can generate so much traffic on your page that will be beneficial for the company because, with the right title tag, you can improve your page ranking and appear on the top of the search engine page. We have told you four effective ways to write effective title tags that will improve your page ranking and bring maximum traffic to your page.


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