Why is running for Charity a Good Idea?

So you have signed up for a running for charity event and you are wondering about all the preparations and whether it is something you even wanted to do. Here are some reasons that make participating in such an event a great idea:

It is Motivating

Running a marathon can be a big ask for most of us, especially for the less experience runners who might find completing the distance quite a challenge. However, if you decide to run for a charity it can be highly motivating during your preparations and during the race. Obviously a late night on your sofa or a night out at the club sound more tempting than running a marathon, but the fact that you will be doing it for a cause does make it worthwhile. If you have signed up to support a charity you would not want to let anyone down and be sure to fully prepare for the event. The motivation factor that comes from helping out a charity can be huge help when the training gets tough or you are wondering why you signed up for this thing.

Your Efforts Can Make a Real Difference

The money that is raised by the marathon runner at hundreds of races throughout the year provides a significant amount of funds to the charities that hold these events. Your efforts can really make the difference which is why you should tell potential donors why this cause is meaningful to you and why there donations are important.

You Get Great Support from the Charity

Support from your charity can be in two forms, the first one is where the charities organize groups for a big event in a combined effort. It can be quite motivating to prepare yourself with a group in a planned training effort. The second is the fact that being in contact with other people that are in similar circumstances really keeps you going and you can share training and fundraising tips with each other. Even the charity pampers you on the day of the event, there are post marathon parties and some also have massages and therapies. So make sure you get your rewards after running for charity.

Make New Friends

The charity you are running for can put you in touch with quite a few people in your area who are all part of the event. This is a great platform to socialize, meet new people, and make new friends. Getting company on your training runs or going for a snack after a session can help you enjoy the whole event and make all the efforts worthwhile.

It Makes You Feel Good

The ‘feel good’ factor of taking part in a running for charity event should never be underestimated as there is no better feeling than raising funds for a good cause. The idea that you are doing something to help other people who are less fortunate than you are by supporting a wonderful charitable service can have a powerful impact on your own sense of self-worth. This can also put an extra boost on your running and training efforts for the event. This article is posted on the behalf of Kids Fun Run Davie


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