The Top 5 Qualities a Wedding DJ Needs to Be An Expert in Melbourne

When looking for a wedding DJ in Melbourne, there are many options to choose from. Wedding DJs are responsible for majority of, if not all entertainment at wedding receptions, so it’s crucial that you hire only the best among them. Irrespective of your residence, there are varying talented options available when needed and at affordable price points. In addition to recommendations from peers, searching for reliable agencies online will give you a few excellent options to consider. Select at least two among them to interview and consider each of these five qualities carefully to assist you in getting the most suitable one for your wedding.


You will be able to determine whether your potential DJ has the kind of personality that works well with you or not, within a couple of minutes. Is he witty,upbeat, orhumorous? Does he maintain excellent eye contact? Does he give you a feeling of ease? Does he appear to have genuine interest in your reception and is he eager to know as much about you and your wedding guests as possible? If he makes you somewhat uncomfortable during the interview, it’s very likely that it will be same with your guests, so never become afraid of following your instincts on this point.


You will instantly know that a DJ has knowledge if he can promptly name the artist and title of the hit song you know just a few words from. Additionally, when considering any wedding DJs Melbourne, your potential option must be able to explain his equipment from his speakers’ wattage to why he’s with one mp3 player brand instead of another, or the reason for a particular program on his PC being excellent for syncing and beat matching etc.


Excellent DJs give a list of past clients when requested. After getting such lists, contact some of them and ask about the DJ’s reliability. Was he punctual? Did he arrive prepared with all the appropriate equipment and backup equipment for unforeseen circumstances? Did he follow through on every promise and play every single request made by his client?


You need a DJ who will listen to all of your needs, make a note of every one of your requests, and bring forth his own ideas, recommendations, and suggestions that he thinks will enhance the general entertainment value. Contacting past clients and inquiring whether the DJ could quickly adapt to the crowd and the room’s energy will assist you in further analysing this quality.

Distinctive skills

Does a considerable number among your guests speak a different language from English? If yes, a bilingual DJ might be the best option. Do you want colourful light shows to boost the general visual experience? There are DJs that offer LED lighting systems, mirror balls and so on, when requested. Do you have any ‘out of the ordinary’ activities you want him to emcee?

Getting to hire an expert wedding DJ Melbourne might turn out challenging if you lack the right information. Remembering all of these qualities during your wedding coordination process will certainly ensure that you get to hire the very best option available.


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