The top 5 best Xbox 360 games for children

If you have children with significant age gaps between them, pretty sure you cannot decide if that is a blessing or a curse. You need to get them what they want, or God forbid if the older one feels the younger one is getting all the attention, or vice versa, there will be blood and tears and a lot of tantrums. Making sure your children get what they want and feel equal in the eyes of their parents can be tough, so you go out of your way to make sure the feeling is minimized.

So your teenager just got his Xbox for his sweet sixteenth, and now there is a feud in the family of who gets to play what and when. You may have sorted out the time table of sharing the gaming console but you may have quickly dismissed it once you found out how games can be… notorious for including adult content.

But, do not worry because Microsoft Kinect developed a few games this year which of course need to be operated by the Kinect motion controller, but it is worth it your 8 year old remains unexposed to violence and promiscuous content. However not all Xbox 360 games require a Kinect sensor, so maybe you can still avoid splurging some money.

Kinect Disney Land Adventures!:
As the name suggests, this one does require a Kinect controller but it does not matter because this game is a dream come true for every Disney lover. Let your kid go to Disneyland with his favorite characters, and do not embarrass your older children if you catch them playing this game as well.

LEGO Series Games:
This is really good if you have growing, pre-pubescent children. Puzzles are good for the overall cognition, memory and judgement. And LEGOS make everything fun!

PowerUp Heroes:
This uses the Kinect Controller. And you may be against violence, but this game involves aliens. Violence and action doesn’t count when you are defeating aliens, right? Regardless, this game is better suitable for ages 8 and up.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures:
Feel all the nostalgia! Remember Pac-Man? Well now your kids can enjoy the same, downright awesome, perhaps the best game of all time on their Xbox 360.

Just Dance Kids Kinect:
This is family friendly game because the tracks and songs involved in the dancing are appropriate, the dance moves are easy to operate for the kids, and all of it is innocent for your child’s eyes.

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