Tips to Become a More Successful Tour Operator

Not that you are a bad tour operator, there is always room for improvement. In this business there are a few tricks of the trade that you might be ignoring and which might be costing you on profits without you even knowing. You may have your own style and way of doing things that has got you this far but here are a few tips for you to become a more successful tour operator.
Stick to Your Cancellation Policy
It is possible that your tours are dependent on the weather or maybe there is some other problem which requires you to go ahead with last minute cancellations on scheduled tours. Solve all of these problems concerning cancellation by setting a cancellation policy and providing your customers with a booklet with the rules and policies of the scheduled tour. Not setting such a policy can make your business suffer as it protects both you and the travelers. This will also allow you to manage customer dissatisfaction in a much better way as a concrete policy will be the terms the customer agrees on and you can simply point that out.
Encourage Mobile Check-Ins
Almost everyone has a smartphone these days so make sure you send out automatic emails to your customers regarding their tours and make an event on social media. Encourage your customers to check-in to the event which is great for you to find out everyone is there and it is also free marketing of your business.
Ask for Feedbacks
Customer feedbacks are probably the most important part of running a successful business. Make it a point to encourage your customers to provide you a complete feedback. You can use handouts or an online survey to make the process quick and accurate. Customer feedback and acting on them are essential to grow your tour operating business.

Handle Unhappy Customers with Grace and Respect
The golden rule of running a successful business is to accept that the customer is always right no matter what. Unfortunately, you can’t please everybody, no matter how hard you try. When you have a dissatisfied customer knocking on your door, try to calm them down and offer them a giveaway rather than slamming the door on them. The way you treat a dissatisfied customer is going to decide the success and popularity of your business.
Encourage Social Interaction Online
Travel and social media go hand in hand these days, and you cannot be a successful tour operator without a strong online presence. Let your travelers know how and where they can connect with you online and don’t forget to be interactive with them. Provide them with information regarding upcoming tours, and possible tours, or even online polls. Try to make your company feel more human and relatable. If you have not done this already, implement an online tour booking system designed for your tours and other activities you provide. This will allow you to improve your distribution network and promote your tours to a much larger audience.


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