The best tips for keeping your mobile POS operating in tip-top shape

Extending your best mobile POS system to the sales floor certainly has varying benefits. It enables your best sales staff to remain on the floor, up-selling your clients while instantly routing orders to the kitchen and the till. Designed with a consideration of the harsh hospitality industry environment, the devices are spillage and knock-resistant. There are several varying habits, which can be easily implemented to ensure your investment’s longevity.

  • Returning it to charger: Your handheld devices should be kept on charge whenever they are not being used. Every mobile POS normally comes together with its own charger and it’s an excellent place for safekeeping by the end of every day.

  • Using a stylus: The sensitive screens that accompany the devices prefer that you utilize a stylus or even the pad of your own finger. Using pens or swipe cards could damage the devices’ screens and decrease their level of sensitivity.

  • Lanyard attachments or holders: The smartest way to prevent yourself from dropping the units or forgetting and placing them on wet tables (which is all too easy considering the wet hands and hectic schedules that are synonymous with restaurant floors), is to utilize lanyard attachments or holders.

  • Final clean: You will certainly need to give your devices one final clean at the end of everyday’s business. Wiping your mobile POS device such as the Poynt smart terminal with a soft cloth after every day’s session of transactions eliminates sticky marks and grease.

  • Decrease frustration: A valuable gadget is more probable to be cared for. Staffs normally love these devices as they appear up-to-the-minute and remove the time needed to keep going between the floor and the kitchen.

  • Conveying ROI: All profitable business venues offer varying upsides to owners and staff. Staffs promptly see how the handhelds potentially impact sales positively. Chefs instantly get orders which promote smooth turnaround times. Staffs also feel the benefit of extra sales, extra client satisfaction, and less walk-away.

  • Recouping investments: The devices normally pay for themselves in less than a year as venues frequently recoup costs from a mix of hard and soft benefits.

  • Tangible benefits: These are normally a decrease in errors because the system eliminates manual docket handovers. Boosting coffee, drinks, and cake sales all add up to the final bottom line.

  • Soft benefits: Several soft benefits like kitchen staffs getting smooth, timely orders, being able to better know the flow of the night could swiftly be gotten. In addition to helping fast order taking, mobiles also encourage


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