The Relationship between Empathy and Attitudes Towards a Person with Schizophrenia

Essentially, this fully fledged essay online would need to consider the relationship between empathy and attitudes towards a person with schizophrenia and anlyse severity symptoms impacts on a person’s attitude stigma. This is indeed an interesting topic which has been a topic of discussion among healthcare practitioners, researchers, scholars etc. Basically, empathy refers to power of understanding and imaginatively entering into the feelings of another person. Empathy makes it possible for us to learn and act responsibly. If a person is able to feel for a schizophrenic person, the attitude also changes accordingly. There is an inverse relationship between empathy and stigmatizing attitudes. A best essay can be written on this topic immediately.

A schizophrenic person needs medication as much as empathy. While medication is necessary to suppress hallucinations and other symptoms, the self of the person critically needs empathy and understanding. Many researches and essay writing in uk have proved that overall well-being of schizophrenic person improved by the application of empathy and a compassionate attitude.

Biological understanding of schizophrenia and treatment is significant. At the same time, empathy is necessary for the therapeutic alliance between the healthcare practitioner and the patient. It can speed up the positive clinical outcomes.

Historically, attitudes towards schizophrenia have never been very positive; the label schizophrenic has been stigmatized and has been the topic of cheap dissertation. The label endorses the stigma of dangerousness which has a strong negative effect on people’s attitude towards schizophrenia and increases the preference and social distance. Many people develop stereotyped notion about mental health especially towards schizophrenics due to lack of proper knowledge. People tend to keep a social distance from people with schizophrenia. Even persons with proper knowledge hold negative attitude towards schizophrenics. Any negative attitude would increase the severity of symptoms of a schizophrenic person.

Conclusion: Antistigma programs are one of the greatest options to improve public attitude towards mental health problems, especially schizophrenia. Similar intervention programs improve the public attitude and lower the social distance towards mental health.


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