Prescription Vs Natural: Why Over the Counter Sleep Aid Is a Better and Healthier Alternative?

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Do you have a difficulty falling to sleep at night? Are you juggling between prescription and natural sleep aids? The latest insomnia statistics may surprise you; people today sleep 20% less than they did 100 years ago. Also, one in three people suffers some form of insomnia during their lifetime. This means plenty of people rely on sleeping aids and choosing the best available one becomes important. However, pills are believed to cause more harm than good especially when you are consistently relying on them. You need to find the right one from the available choices and have to go the healthier route to help your body recover faster.

Sleep aids have been coming in various forms for many years and often times it becomes difficult enough to choose the right one. All kinds of sleep assisting drugs should serve to be the last resort of insomnia or any other sleep related disorder. Prescription pills are often the ones that are prescribed by your doctor for the sleep disorder and have its own pros and cons. Natural pills are ones that constitute of natural ingredients and are completely different from the prescription drugs. Natural pills are believed to be the best alternative for prescription drug and these are a few amazing properties that make them good enough for you:

Curbs the Drowsiness – You require 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night to feel better in the morning and to be productive throughout the day. Lack of sleep makes you switch to prescribed drugs which eventually make you drowsy when you wake up. This happens even when you have slept a good number of hours but isn’t exactly the case with natural pills.

You Don’t Get Addicted – Prescription pills are quite addictive making it hard to sleep at night without popping a few into the mouth. People who are on pills find it difficult enough to quit even when the sleep disorder settles. Natural pills, on the other hand, are non-habit forming and you will find it easy enough to sleep after you quit them.

Doesn’t Develop Resistance – It is easy enough to experience the ineffectiveness of the prescription pills after you’ve taken it for a while. It feels as if you no longer find the same pill effective to cure your disorder. This happens because your body develops resistance to it and is no longer benefitted from same medication. Natural pills, on the other hand, don’t develop resistance even when you take them on a continuous basis.

Doesn’t Bring the Side Effects – The side effects of prescription sleeping pills can range from obesity and heartburn to cancer and death. Your body can be rebound against the chemicals of the prescription sleeping pills leading to severe health complexities. This, in turn, affects your health in the long run and there is hardly any escape. Switching to natural over the counter sleep aid prevents your body from all kinds of diseases by helping with sleep disorders naturally.

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