How To Perform Minute Boiler Maintenance Yourself

Boilers are one of the most important things in your home and it is essential to maintain them regularly. This ensures their efficient working and longer life. While you may resort to professionals to fix some major boiler issues, you can resort to your own self to take care of the minute ones. This will help you in resolving the problem sooner instead of waiting for the professional to reach the house.

Here are some of the DIY boiler maintenance and repair tips which can bring back your boiler to a perfectly fine working condition:

Set A Low Temperature Permanently
If you need to leave your place for a longer period of time and are afraid of the fact that your boiler will freeze, it is better to set it permanently at a low temperature. This will cost you a lot when it comes to paying the bill, though. However, you can ensure a longer life for your boiler and safety of your house through this.

Dealing with Frozen Pipe
If you happen to live in an area where the temperature goes really down, there are high chances of a pipe being frozen. This can be dangerous and can also cause your boiler to stop functioning. The best way out from this situation is to pour down hot water on the pipe. You can even do the job by placing a hot water bottle on it until the water inside it melts. Now, restart the thermostat and your boiler will start working perfectly fine once again.

Go for A Boiler Cover
As per the size of your boiler and its needs, you can find a cover for it. This cover will help in protecting the boiler from dust and other particles which can bring down the efficiency of the boiler. Make sure that the area from where air passes is left uncovered because it will cause the boiler to heat up and its working will eventually be compromised.

Customize the Temperature For Different Rooms
The temperature of the boiler should be set moderately for the living room but for the bedroom, it should be lower. This is because you do have comforters and blankets for the bedroom so there is no need to take the temperature so high. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to even sleep properly in the room because of too much heat.

Conserve Energy
By going with a planning option and by setting the timings for the boiler to be turned off and on, you can save a lot of money on the bill. Set it in a way that it is turned on a few minutes before you enter the house so that you are not met with freezing temperature. And set it off when there is no one home.

By following these easy boiler maintenance tips, you can ensure the safety of your family, saving money on the bill, and efficiency of the boiler.


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