How to Do Paintless Dent Removal on Your Own?

The paintless dent repair techniques have brought a great revolution in the auto-repair and service industry! It has significantly impacted the repair cost and speed involved in fixing car dents and dings. This technique is very much affordable and takes less them than the conventional dent repairing. It offers great convenience to car owners and repair service providers simultaneously. You can either take your dented car to a professional paintless dent removal technician or do it on your own, after acquiring proper skills in fixing dents through latest methods and tools.

If you are planning to learn paintless dent repair techniques, then prior to it keep in mind that it’s not merely about popping out the dent from the affected area of your car’s body, but it is more than this. It’s a comparatively slow process, involving a number of sequential steps, which is carried out through certain tools. Sometimes even a small dent takes more than an hour and hence, you need to remain patient and calm.

Learning Paintless Dent Repair

1. Assess the damage on car
First of all learn to determine the dent type that whether it can be fixed paintless or not. However, majority of experts say that around 80%-90% of dents can be easily fixed through paintless dent removal techniques. You cannot fix deep dents, dent with crease, dents near edges, paint damage or old car’s dents through paintless dent repair. Once you have identified the severity of dent on your car and it can be fixed through this technique, then you can move on to repair it.

2. Find Paintless Dent Repair Tools
You will need to buy special tools for this along with a complete guide manual, so that you don’t miss any important step. Make sure you have the right tools in hand from a reliable and professional auto-parts repair and servicing store, before you get started with the repair. Acquire proper knowledge about each and every tool from an expert, learn how to use them and then go for the final repair.

3. Repair the dent
There is a paintless dent removal instrument that you will have to use to read certain measurements or points and use a fluorescent lighting or a board that reflects light, in order to pop out dents with metal rods, as the surface regains its previous shape from the inside of the damaged area. If the dent is on difficult to reach areas, you can then use certain adhesives and small studs to pop out dents from the outside of the affected area.

Practice while you learn. Take some time out to apply the newly learned repair methodologies on metal panels, which you can easily get from a local junk yard.

So, if getting dings and dents on your car is a part of your routine, then you should definitely learn the art of paintless dent repair. For all frequent denters and dingers, acquiring skills in this auto repair service will prove highly essential not only for themselves, but for their neighbors, friends and relatives as well. However, you can utilize this proficiency and run a profitable dent removal service store.


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