Orlando Shooting – What’s the Reality? – The Mass Killing in the History of USA

On 12th June 2016, 2:00 AM, shooter Omar Mateen, 29, a residence of Port StLucia, Fla burst in the Pulse club carrying a 9mm semiautomatic pistol and a 223 calibreAR 15 type rifle,burst out bullets fromthe gun on the people partying in the same club last night.It was one of the biggest mass shooting of people in the history of United States of America piloted, single headedly.

The Last Selfie

Omar took a selfie during the same day, probably his last picture before he was shot down after killing more than fifty people in Pulse.Here is the last selfie of Omar Mateen:


Full Name: Omar Mir Seddique Mateen

ISIS (the so-called Islamic Military front) has accepted the responsibility of the attack and has acclaimed Omar Mateen, their companion. However, the question arises that who were these people? And who was Omar Mateen? Why did he attack a club of gays and lesbians?

How Many People Died in Pulse, Orlando Shooting?

About 50 people associated with the LGBT were killed in the attack as well as more than 50 people were leftinjured. Initially, FBI reported that the attack was considered as the act of hatred towards the people of LGBT community, however, there were different intuitionsas agenciesreported that IS was directly or indirectly involved within the crime scene. The president of the US, Obama, reported this terrorist attack as one of the most deadly in the US history.

What did Omar Mateen’s Parents Claim?

When investigated, father of Omar, Mir Siddique detailed that they did not know anything about their son’s involvement in any crime scene; nevertheless, he claimed that Omar used to hate LGBT people and at times he used to say he wants to kill them all because of their sexual orientation;Later, however, after ISIS claimed the responsibility for the attack, reports wererevised accordingly.

The Last Conversation between Mom and Son

I’m gonna die, the son wrote to his mother. He added, Mommy I love you!

12 mommy

The World Condemned Pulse, Orlando Killings

The whole world condemned the attack. With the break of news, people from all over the world came forward to support the LGBT community and condemned the act on social media and on theroads. Nevertheless, there were both positive and negative messages on the social media website Twitter.com under the hashtag of #PrayForOrlando#Pulse #pulseclub.

Threats Proclaimed by ISIS

Last night ISIS declared and took the responsibility of the deadly incident. They stated and made it particular to the disbelievers that they will exterminateeveryone everywhere if Muslim killings continued in Iraq. “We will kill you everywhere” “Stop Muslim killings in Iraq and Syria”

The Ninety Seconds of Brutal Killings


They similarly indicated and asked the US to stop assassinating Muslims in Iraq and Syria or else they will continue destroying the peace in US and other Countries.


However, soon after these messages, atechnical team of Twitter suspended these accounts. On the other side of the coin, the situation is quite positive. Leaders and people from all over the world came forward and show their support for the LGBT community.

The White House ‏@WhiteHouse  17h17 hours ago

Statement by @PressSec on the tragic shooting in Orlando: http://go.wh.gov/s9DbKt 


James KysonVerified account ‏@JamesKyson  3h3 hours ago

#PrayforOrlando – I am feeling a lot of things regarding the tragedy last night… I’m goi… http://ift.tt/1PVLW7I 


Twitter, Facebook, other social media platforms as well as people came forward with their convenient platform to show the support and it shows that humanity is still somewhere in the world. It is just that people need to be more concern and show thesensitive attitude towards the similar acts across the world to make it a better place to live.

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