Mannequins are best for Evaluating your Outfits

The purpose of using mannequins is to exhibit one’s self-stitch cloth and designing in order to evaluate its total look and style. In all boutiques, and malls, they are used to grab customer’s attention by exhibiting their eye-catching masterpiece on it. Ramp walk in all fashion shows is for the same purpose, only the difference is when models display dresses then designer’s brand is promoted as fashion shows are telecasted worldwide and their day-night effort then seems to bear fruit. On the other hand, mannequins used by local or private boutiques are just to show sample how to wear any trendy dress, and how it’ll look like.

Mannequin is a French word which had adopted the meaning “an artist’s jointed model”, which in turn came from the Flemish word mannequin, meaning “little man, figurine”. The mannequins are basically concerned with physical outlook. In our country, Pakistani outfits are exhibited through numerous sources such as individual shoots of brand for making a catalogue of latest collection, fashion shows which are held every year on a grand scale, exhibitions, and mannequins. Through these sources, few of our famous branded companies promote themselves and try their best to expand it in every corner of city so people may get enlightened with current styles and trends whatever inn in passing days.

I like dummies. Though it is the matter of art and creativity, yet I admire it because dummies possess an iconic figure which every boy/ girl wish to have. It reminds of great sayings on models and mannequins by Grace Jones;

“Models are there to look like mannequins not like real people. Art & illusion are supposed to be a fantasy”

That is the reason the best dress is displayed on dummies to enhance its worth and beauty, whether it’s traditional, western, or sexy outfits. The accomplishment of a selling business primarily depends on making of a good clothing environment which depends on an attractive display design. The existing situation of aggressive competition has increased the stress of a window display in the retail stores. This art of displaying dummies in a tempting way in the retail outlets is known as “Visual Merchandising”. This has now become expected in any retail business and more particularly for sellers in the clothing business. No one can stand firm after looking the tempting beautiful dress wrapped admirably over a body. It is an imaginary way of salesmanship.

Different types of mannequin are available now to meet the requirements of sellers. Men, ladies, children, and even animal mannequins are made in a variety of body sections including necks, heads, legs, hands, and just torsos can be adjusted to furnish the needs of a specific clothing display. What attracts me through mannequins are Saris, party dresses, Pishwas, gown style wedding dresses, and western dresses. Mannequins of human necks and feet are also available in order to check the jewelry. Ladies try necklace to see whether it suits them or not. Similarly, necklace dummies are found in every jewelry store where best necklaces are displayed.

Do you know how to make a Mannequin?

The mannequins are made by wool felt, Perspex, plaster bandage, polyethylene foam, resin, buckram and Paper Mache. The used materials should be static, handy, and safe for the costume. A jersey cover should be made to cover up the mannequin; extra filling can be inserted below it to support the garment. Dummy makers should be able to make it quickly and easily with practice (perhaps about six hours), to the measurements required for each garment.


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