Humanizing Digital Marketing

People connect with people, not brands. The bond and relationship between two people is stronger than that with a brand. So it is very important to humanize your brand.

Humanizing a brand is simply thinking like a human, which you do daily. Having a human touch in your brand. Present your personal side to your people. Tell them how deeply you want to engage with them creating a long lasting relationship.

Humanizing your brand is a requirement, not an option if you want to survive in business today. Your customer wants to see you. They want you to inspire them and connect with them. They also want you to help them. There are many ways by which you can humanize your brand. The basic best strategy to humanize your brand is:

Simplify your talk:

Your costumers are human. Your partners are human. Your employees are human and even your fans and supporters are human. When every body is human then there is no sense of making your conversation so difficult for human. Speak to your costumers in their language, the language they are used to with.

stop your salesman attitude:

If all you ever do is announcing deals and offers, there comes a time when your costumers and followers get annoyed. They don’t want you to always talk about your self or your brand; they also want you to think about themselves. They want you to help them solve their problems. This is how you build trusting relationship with your costumers.

ask questions:

Humanizing digital marketing a brand requires an ongoing engagement between costumer and that product. That is only possible when your costumers are talking with you. Persuade them to talk to you. Engage your followers in a conversation by asking questions to them. You can also ask them for their comments and suggestions. This way you can have a strong bond with your people.

Give answer:

When you are questioning your costumers, make it a habit to answer them. If you have asked for their comments or suggestions, make sure you are listening their views and responding them. Make them feel that you are serious about their opinions and thoughts. Like, respond, and open up for a real human-to-human conversation.

Show your employees:

Human gets attracted with human. Showing your employees make your costumers feel even closer with your brand. Whether its through pictures or a short video, introduce your employees to them. Also ask your employees to be social with them. This will show your audience that your team has personalities.

Admit mistakes:

Human make mistakes. If you make a mistake either in one of your social media post or while advertising through other different marketing medium, admit it! It happens, its human nature. When you admit your mistakes and then rectify them the trust of people gets even stronger and they become more close to you.

Your costumer’s loyalty is one of the most significant metrics of your business and that loyalty requires human touch. When you humanize your brand, you get that trust and loyalty of your audience. This also helps you to build a strong relationship with them. When you are having that bond with your people they tend to stay with you despite of any social platform.


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