How to Prepare for Behavioral Interview

Behavioral interview is a kind of interview where an employer asks questions to check if applicant has enough past experience and skills and if he can perform well in his company on bases of his past experience and skills. He check applicant’s behavior if he can perform his duties well by having good interaction with other employees. Most of people don’t know what a behavioral interview is and which questions will be asked from them. They find best Kuwait job vacancies and reach there for interview without preparing behavioral interview. This article will explore tips that will be helpful in preparing behavioral interview in best way.

First and most asked questions about behavioral interviews are related with teamwork and leadership skills. An employer who takes your interview, asks questions to examine if you have any experience of working as team member or team leader of any project or any office work. You should answer these questions properly. If you were a team member then you will need to tell your employer how you played your role well and how much your team leader or supervisors were impressed by your work. You should tell him about steps that you took to maintain your team and taking best output from them if you were a team leader.

Second type of questions that are asked mostly are conflict management based questions where employer seeks how much you are able to manage different conflicts. He can ask from you how much you were interacted with clients and how much tricky situations you faced. He can ask you some examples of those situations and how you covered those situations. Here you will need to tell him in details why you had to face those situations and which skills you utilized to get rid of those situations. You will need to tell him those decisions that played best role in managing those conflicts.

Remember that each employer looks for those employees that have abilities of problem solving. So to test your abilities, he can ask different problem solving questions from you. You should be prepared about this because these questions may be related with your skills and may be based on natures of job vacancies in Kuwait. For example, if you are a computer programmer, he can put a situation in front of you where a code gives error and he asks from you to give your opinions to solve these errors. You should provide a best answer that should justify your problem solving skills in best way.

There are many employers who want to know how many times their employees had failed in past so that ask questions to know about situations in which their employees had failed. Your employer can ask from you tell me your worst experience or tell me what was your biggest failure according to your nature of job or skills. Here you should be careful because you will never have to show your weakness. If you had faced any failure then you should describe it in a way that may build your positive image, not negative.



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