How college life differs from professional work life?

For all the students who are about to graduate, will definitely be going through a period of jubilation and terror at the same time. It is because most of the students have a very good idea that their life is about to change after they step out the college gates. Although, however you prepare yourself, the shock is still there when you venture out into the real world as almost all of your life is altered.

Let us discuss what changes should a newly graduated student expect from the new professional life. If you too are about to graduate, then you must have a read of the following points!

The routine will change drastically: First of all, your daily routine will change drastically. No more classes. If you are lucky enough to find a job right away, then that would mean no more partying till late night. You cannot bunk work as you could do so with classes. You cannot show up late and expect your boss to accommodate you as your professors did.

However, this change of routine can be good as you will develop steadfastness and will have a chance to prove yourself and apply the knowledge you have gained in college.

There will be a tangible burden of responsibilities: For most of the students, in college, their parents are paying their fees and other expenses, so there is no tangible burden of responsibilities. However, once you have graduated you will notice that you do not have the luxury to rely on your parents for financial help. You will be expected to be a responsible adult who can manage his/ her own finances. In some cases, students directly move from being just a student to be responsible for a house full of people. You have to pay rent, your bills, for your entertainment, for your food, so you will have to start budgeting, which probably have would have never done before.

Your wardrobe will change: During college life, you could easily wear what you were wearing the night before, what you slept in to class and no one would bat an eye, in work life however, you cannot continue this behavior. Most of the organizations have a strict dress code, if not strict, then they at least expect their workers to dress in a certain manner, so you will have to replace your pajamas and casual clothing items to professional attire. You will find yourself dressed more and more in suits and ties.

Your social life will change: Most importantly, after you graduate, your social life will change. You cannot party late till night as you will have to show up at work the next morning and be productive. Your group of friends will most likely be separated, as it is highly unlikely that all of you will be employed by the same organization. So, now, you will be forming new friendships will your colleagues, however, if you are lucky, you will also be friends with your college buddies.

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